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  1. Is It Me?

    As i only picked up my 2.2 titanium x estate last sunday im a novice here. Theres one BIG down side to this car,the !Removed! seats, they are the most uncomfterable things i have ever had the missfortune to sit in. Passanger and driver are as bad as each other. There seams to be far too much lumber suport its like sitting with someones fist poking into your lower back. Yes i have adjusted the lumber support but that dosnt make much differance. Is it me or dose anyone else find the seats uncomftable? TBH i think im going to have to sell the car due to this. This is my 3rd mondy an up until now i thought they were the most comfy cars ever, 1st was a mk1 lx, 2nd st200, now this one.
  2. Thanks for the blackcircles advise, looked on there the most efficiant for fuel, grip, and noise is the Goodyear, efficientgrip performance at £114 each delivared,or the Avon Zv5 £94 each Goodyear eagle f1 aysemetric 2 £110 eachor Pirelli p7 cintourato £129.eachhas any one had any experiance with any of these please
  3. Bought car on sunday and its got kinforest tyres on done a quick google surch and not allot comes up which tyres would you guys recommend please?
  4. Just shooting the breez now with this question, if i lower the suspension on the titanium would the springs fit onto the st200mk 2 estate? Only mentioning it as then i could sell the st200 as a realy good runner instead of spares or repaires.
  5. Many thanks about the remapp will investigate that one. Sorry for my ignorance but how do i tell euro 3 or 4? Whats the diff apart form you cart block the EGR on euro 4? Is it hard to change the footwell lights as there white at mo and im looking at changing them to red along with the wing mirror puddle lights and the dash lights? Since i still have my ST200 estateMK2 was woundering if the bodykit would fit if only the rear spoiler, as iv only found one in poland so far to fit it. Defo going to get it lowered it looks like a monster truck lol. Am sad to see the ST200 go its been an absolute pleasure to drive for the last 8 years.
  6. Just bought my self the above mentioned and im looking at doing some subtial mods, footwell lights, rear spolier/full body kit, can you change the dash an sterio lights? As the cars black i was thinking of red dash, footwell lights. Also is it wourth getting it remapped? An at what kind of cost would i be looking at? What mods would you guys reccomend Many thanks
  7. Thanks for the info, sorry but more questions, how does a 2007 2.2tdci titanium x rate estate? I know its the older model but for a 3k price drop does that realy matter? (Even though i do like the new shape) is there any bad points to look for? What sort of millage can you get out of them Many thanks
  8. Hi im new here as im looking for help to distinguish the differances in the 2008 modles of the mondeo estate, edge, titanium, zetec, giha, ect. At the moment iv a st200 estate so im looking for somthing with a decence bhp an a bit sporty im looking at spending upto 9k MAX Many thanks.
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums wcah :)