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  1. cheers but i no longer own a focus and im trying to see which one is going to be best to mod to fit into my new car one i have in mind is too long but i got a feeling the focus one is gonna be what i need, but before i buy one would like to check the lenghts first
  2. hello wonder if someone on here could tell me the lenght of the rear upper strut brace or measure the gap in the boot where it would sit is any one able to help with this please Thank you
  3. new member needing help

    haha thats the name a call it hate the thing all ways costing me money oh cheers for answering my Q didnt think to see if others had probs
  4. new member needing help

    hi ya, dont understand as it wont let me even sent you a pm at all,
  5. hi ya all joined awhile ago now i have today got an email saying i have pm but every time i go to read it i get this msg The error returned was: You are not allowed to use the messenger feature on this board help
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