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  1. Usb Flash Music Problem

    Thanks Pree, The DT101 works fine, gotta go listen to my sounds now!
  2. Usb Flash Music Problem

    Thanks Pree, I'll try the Kingston 16gb DT101 G2 or maybe brave the 32GB version... My ford dealer reckons I should be OK with 32GB has anyone has success with a flash drive larger than 16GB?
  3. Hi, I just got a brand new Mondeo Estate Titanium X and want to play music from a USB flash drive. I bought an HP V220w 64GB flash drive, format FAT32, USB2.0. I downloaded WMA and MP3 files from windows media player. It sees all the tracks and albums and starts playing then stops for a while says its initialising then plays some more and continues this way. I took the car back to my local ford dealer who adised I needed aflash drive of max 32GB. I replaced my original 64GB for a 32GB of thew same model. put one CD of mp3 on it and it has the same problem. I tried the same mp3 files on a freebee 1,8Gb stick and it plays fine. I think it could be a compatibility issue, has anyone got any recommendations of flash drives that will work?
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums cantab :)