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  1. 2005 Ka Gearbox Removal

    Hi, do I expect to lose all the gearbox oil as I undo the bolts? There's 8 on the lower end of it, 2 at the top and another 2 on top of bell housing. Unexpected problem- the power steering pipes appear to be obstructing the LH gearbox mount when it comes to be lowered, see pic.
  2. 2005 Ka Gearbox Removal

    Manual just says "unscrew single bolt and two nuts then remove engine mounting upper bracket" then lower the engine. Thing is the design is so compact its not obvious to the uninitiated whats going off!
  3. 2005 Ka Gearbox Removal

    Thanks, first job tomorrow morning. Just one further point, does the entire RH engine mount have to be removed as per the manual?
  4. 2005 Ka Gearbox Removal

    Thanks, I will proceed on that, if I don't have to touch the exhaust that will be great. Does the starter remain in situ? It's actually a pronounced whirring noise which disappears when the pedal is depressed. The car has only done 14k, I think the previous owner must have rested their foot on the clutch pedal.
  5. Hi, I'm intending to replace the release bearing assembly. Can the gearbox be removed without uncoupling the exhaust? The Haynes manual is unclear as to which coupling on the exhaust needs unfastening. There are two heat-shields situated above the RH driveshaft, the upper one has rusted bolts. Can the engine be canted down without having to uncouple the exhaust pipe? The car is on axle stands.
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums durango :)