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  1. Some Brake Advice Needed

    Great pic, very slick looking, until the first turn of the wheel! I only got new pads and discs, no need for calipers........yet........!
  2. Some Brake Advice Needed

    "Oh and they work well lol." Thats good to know haha!
  3. Some Brake Advice Needed

    Thanks Guys, orders disks and pads, £122 all in! the Paigins or whatever they were called.
  4. Some Brake Advice Needed

    I think its the 300mm, when i add my details to ECP, they still list both :P
  5. Some Brake Advice Needed

    Hey Guys, I am looking to purchase some new (front) disks for my 2008 Focus 2.0 tDCI. Looking at ECP there are options for 278mm and 300mm diameter disks, and I have no eye deer which ones I need, along with pads. Im buying the parts and getting someone else to fit them. Regards, Chester
  6. Focus O/side Bang

    Hey Guys, Just thought I would follow up here on the noise i had with mine. Took it in and they replaced the anti-roll thing on the left side, but the noise was from the rear driver side brake. For some reason the pad wasnt sat right, they had to do a bit of welding to the caliper that holds the pad so it would hold it correctly. They said the one side of the pad was down to the metal and the other was virtually new! The fixed the caliper and replaced both rear pads and discs. Noise gone, brakes awesome! £340 all in. They also said they could get new calipers in for £130, but were saying the fix above was just as good, while saving me the cash! Chester.
  7. Focus O/side Bang

    Thanks all for the ideas, I think I will get it checked by a local shop, needs to go in for a service anyway and this is a little out of the scope of my skill set! :P I appreciate the information and will be aiming to learn a lot here! Regards, Chester
  8. Focus O/side Bang

    Hey Guys, New Ford owner here, two weeks about. I have something that sounds very similar here, I got some tyres changed and while it was up in the air asks the mechanics to check the exhaust, as it sounds like that was knocking against some body work or similar. Exhaust was fine. Couldnt see anything obvious here either. Im starting to think it has something to do with the Suspension, springs, shock somewhere around the right rear. Did you get to the bottom of this one at all, and if so, how much did it set you back? Im not sure a spring/shock is something i could repair myself?! Chester
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums Chester Beckett :)