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  1. Standard Focus To Be Changed!

    I would get and sort out the body damage before anything else pal! :)
  2. My Focus Mk 2

    Kinda went through a stage on now doing anything, but starting to get back into it. Have just bought a new back spoiler, in black. Was on eBay for 50.00 or best offer. I offered him 28.99 so got that at a bargain. Number plate LEDS are on the way, same as a DMB badged (got black and blue). I really want to now change the whole induction kit, but it seems I need to take the wheel off and take other things apart to do this, any guides for a 05 plate focus? I want her looking mean,so I am thinking on a new bumper maybe to beef it up. Now sure what one though? Any suggestions at what I can do, feel free!!
  3. Hyrule's Build Thread

    I like the new badge - looks great! I have de-badged mine but can't think on what should go there :/ Mines 05 plate so might look weird with the mk3 badge :/ Check mine out let me know what you think :) Cars look great by the way :)
  4. My Focus Mk 2

    So another update - went to take back that crappy induction kit to get money back... no receipt. So I asked if they sell air panels (kandn, green cotton pipercross) in which they only deal with piper cross. So I asked if I could money towards a pipercross panel and my kit as I couldnt refund. So the induction kit cost me £23 and I have to put another £13 towards the panel. Im feeling fairly pleased with this. What do you guys think?
  5. My Focus Mk 2

    Cheers man, yeah they are a nice little touch I got them from DMB if you were wondering :) Do you have a build thread at all?
  6. My Focus Mk 2

    Okay pictures up now :)
  7. Rear Wiper Delete (Removal) Whats Your Thoughts?

    I think it looks pretty sweet! Its something I think I would do, I don't think I would miss it that much....
  8. My Focus Mk 2

    So its not letting me upload the pictures and keeps saying upload failed :( will try again soon though :(
  9. My Focus Mk 2

    So here are tinted windows - well pleased with the outcome! I think the car is coming along nicely - just really want to get that ST spoiler... or at least a colour coded spoiler. Whats your suggestions?
  10. Induction Kit

    Well thats good to hear - I have decided to upgrade just the filter to a Green Cotton one - Lenny says they are good and I will take his word for it. So im going to get a refund on my kit and just upgrade the filter to new one! Cheers guys :)
  11. My Focus Mk 2

    Got these on both back mudflaps - hope you guys like them as much as I do!! Also got my windows tinted today - will get pics up when the lighting is a bit better, its really light here so all the windows looks the same :(
  12. Sony Head Unit.

    http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/tutorials/article/40-guide-to-fitting-an-aftermarket-head-unit/ That should tie you over :)
  13. My Focus Mk 2

    Sounds like you have earned it mate - and good on you! Im just glad your pleased with it - you have done a great job. Maybe when I have the funds I can then get a custom exhaust, hopefully not that much money though else I will never get it! Haha I think I want to go for that filter no matter what - it will surely do some good for the car!
  14. My Focus Mk 2

    Jesus! That must have cost you an arm and a bollock!! JEEEEEZE!!!!!! Thats some good going - if only I could do this cost effective. I really want to upgrade - eventually! http://www.priracing.com/section.php/826/1/focus-mk2-2-5/01de7a15abb8043a23c11e5a57b8839a Lenny is biggin it up and so it must be good! Definitely going to invest in this once windows are all done!
  15. Festoon Bulb

    I switched the light off - pulled it down - took the bulb out - GONE lol