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  1. What Else Could It Be?

    Hi all wonder if anyone can help? I have had my mondeo for about a year and it has cost the best part of ...should have brought a new car type money. the body work is good so was willing to pay and i like the car.... no i am not so sure so far in the last couple of months the car has had the following replaced egr air flow mass meter 4 injectors head gasket engine turbo alternator diesal pump and other bits and pieces that i cant remember. and i have found that after picking it up today and opening her up a bit that the glow plug light flashed and all the power cut out from the engine. I pulled over and restarted the car and could not deliberatly recreate the issue. I really am tired of my car at the moment and i am now wondering what else it could be. Anybody else had similar issues and worked out how to fix it? I tend to drive quite a large amount of miles and need a reliable car and at the moment i cannot rely on this one. Thanks Jennie
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums JennieNewham :)