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  1. I sometimes forget I even have it installed because I can't see it haha Yours looks great, I probably would had done the same as you if I didn't have the rain sensor. Yeah, the camera is great considering the size of it. Overall, a brilliant piece of kit :)
  2. This is my view from the drivers seat, if I didn't tell you I had a dash cam then I don't think you would notice it at all. So this is the side view. The unit is attached using velcro and the extended lens wire pushed in between the windscreen and plastic rain sensor cover. I've cut the plastic cover so that I can push the lens through. I think I need to trim abit more so that it is completely flush.
  3. I have the mobius dash camera, as above if you search for the guy 'techmoan' on YouTube he takes one apart and extends the lens. Very easy to do, I've mounted the lens in the middle sensor bit. Very discreet and perfect for me. I would highly recommend it.
  4. Mk3 2013 radio code required?

    Hmm hopefully, might give them a call to check.
  5. Mk3 2013 radio code required?

    No manual :( it's a android unit from China. Might just have to see what happens :S
  6. Mk3 2013 radio code required?

    I have an aftermarket unit fitted professionally, when it was fitted, there was no mention of codes. So it should be alright for me to change battery?
  7. Mk3 2013 radio code required?

    Awesome! Thanks
  8. Mk3 2013 radio code required?

    Hi everyone Was wondering if I replace my battery on the mk3, would I require a radio code? Thanks
  9. Focus Mk3 Zetec Rear Light Clusters

    Ah ok, I was hoping it would be a simple retrofit eg just to solder the wires together.
  10. Focus Mk3 Zetec Rear Light Clusters

    Sorry to hijack the thread but I want upgrade my tail lights to the led versions found on the titanium models. How easy would it be to change the wiring? Just so that I know before I actually buy them. Thanks
  11. Help With Aftermarket Headlights

    It looks the same as the ones on ebay there but the ones I have are h3 whereas the ones on ebay are h7 so I'm not sure. I was actually going to buy those ones off eBay until I saw the add on Gumtree. Might keep playing around with them to see if I can fix them. Nothing to lose eh lol Wonder if others with these headlights have the same problem because I've seen a few here with them on
  12. Help With Aftermarket Headlights

    Ah I'm gutted :( The angel eyes look awesome but the main lights are really disappointing. I tried using them but seriously the spread is everywhere
  13. Help With Aftermarket Headlights

    Not that I know of... but that shouldn't affect the projector beams?
  14. Hey I recently bought some ford fiesta mk7 headlights with angel eyes built in the unit off someone on Gumtree. Led lights look awesome but I have a problem with the dipped beam, the projectors spread is terrible. The left headlight shines to the left of the car. Basically it's all over the place lol anyone else have these headlights and have this problem or any ideas how to fix? I've tried using halogen bulbs but the output is the the same. I've put some pictures up with hid kit in. any help would be appreciated thanks
  15. Mk7 Wheel Nut Cover Size

    Oh i never thought of that! Cheers bud :)