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  1. Hey ppl...Need help addressing this issue in my mk1 focus 1.6...whenever im sitting still with engine idling and turn on any sort of electrical device e.g. rear screen heater or even rolling up auto windows. The engine will just bog down and grumbles like its low on power.....I was thinking about changing the battery or alternator but cant decide what would be best. I still have the standard focus battery in if that helps.....any ideas?
  2. Help Fitting Mk1 Mudflaps

    Thanks followed ur advice and now it fits properly
  3. Help Fitting Mk1 Mudflaps

    i tried that but that damned clip just keeps sliding off...Its not like the rear which has more metal on the body to clip onto. It has a really thin (prob 1cm) of metal around the wheel arch for the clip to hold on to.
  4. Hey ppl, installed my genuine ford mudflaps today for the rear with no issues. However I need help with the fronts...the metal clips just keep sliding off whenever I fix them on. E.g. if I move the mudflap then it will slide off....not sure if im doing it right.....anyone got any guides or pictures?
  5. Paint Restoration

    Ok so ive found the t cut colour restorer and also t cut metallic. Which would be best? http://www.amazon.co.uk/T-Cut-Metallic-Colour-Restorer-375ml/dp/B003ZDFXCY/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1371316965&sr=8-5&keywords=t+cut http://www.amazon.co.uk/T-Cut-Colour-Fast-Cleaner-500ml/dp/B004SND30O/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1371316996&sr=8-1&keywords=t+cut+silver
  6. Paint Restoration

    Hello again ppl. Decided since the weather has been gettin abit better recently that maybe I should try to restore my 04 focus paint. Ive got a few marks on the paint I would like to remove. Just need help choosing the right product. Obviously t cut is out there but ive heard its only for old paint jobs and will mess up metallic paint jobs. Or theres t cut colour restoration which ive heard is more of a temporary fix. So not sure as to what product to buy.. I have a moondust silver 04 focus of that helps lol
  7. Hid Advice

    Ive decided to ditch the HID's and instead ordered some 55w 'Xenon' halogen bulbs. They arrived today and fitted them and they look 'white-ish' but im happy. Anyway i decided to go one step further and upgrade my brake and side lights to LED which look great now. However, i now want to change the indicators but read on a forum somewhere that i have to fit in line resistors to keep the blinking rate normal. Ive seen some LED indicator bulbs on Ebay which say 'Error Free CANBUS' see link --> http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-X-BAU15S-1156-581-PY21W-CANBUS-ERROR-FREE-18-LED-SMD-Indicator-Bulb-Yellow-/111069094776?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item19dc3be378 Would these be a better alternative to in line resistors?
  8. Hid Advice

    hmm thanks for the replies but i think ill just buy some upgrade halogen bulbs then. Don't wanna risk it. Im with privilege insurance and i called them up yesterday regarding modifications but unfortunately they do not allow any cosmetic or engine modifications. Even small mods such as tinting the rear lights, installing angel eye headlights or painting stock alloys are not allowed unless im 25 and had 5 years driving experience. How would it differ if i had a modification now or when im 25? I don't understand these crazy regulations. Anyway I asked them about HID's and upgraded bulbs and they said yeh it will be fine.
  9. Hid Advice

    Hmm forget the hid's then lol. Is there any legal alternative to a 'whiter' light?
  10. Hid Advice

    Hey ppl, im looking after some HID's for my mk1 facelift. There's two things holding me back though. 1. Someone told me HID's are illegal if you don't have auto adjust headlights and headlight washers 2. If the above isn't true then i need help choosing H7 HID's cos there's a shedload on ebay so i cant really choose and I dunno what brand is the best or most reputable. Soo help me plz???
  11. Clutch Squeal When Moving Off

    Thanks clutchman. Had me worried there for a sec. How much do reckon a garage would charge to change the clutch?
  12. Clutch Squeal When Moving Off

    Yeh best to get it checked out. Also ive just bought this car and used to have a fiesta 1.3 and im still trying to get used to the higher biting point and when to lift off and how much gas to put down. When giving it a lot of gas and slowwwly bringing the biting point up, it makes no noise......so its either cos im a newbie or what you just said about the DMF. Ill definately get it checked out though just in case
  13. Clutch Squeal When Moving Off

    Nope it sounds the same. Sometimes its not a high pitch screech but a low pitched noise. Also might just be me but I hear a rattling too when moving off
  14. Hey ppl I need help. Iv noticed that when moving off in 1st, when bringing the clutch up to biting point, the car makes a slightly high pitched 'wheel spinning' squealing noise. Im bringing the biting point up quite slowly with more than enough gas. I have the mk1 1.6 and its done 80k. Any help please?
  15. Alloy Paint And Lights

    Thanks Andy. I have the mk1 facelift btw but it still has those lower reflectors so I should be fine then from what you said