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  1. Sony Nav St3

    Hi all, Can't find anything on the net really, just wondered if anyone knows of any videos of the Sony Nav system that comes in the St3 fiesta and various other cars? Would like to see it in action but all I can find is videos of the focus... Thanks
  2. Nifty Little Feature

    Doesn't work on my ST2 fiesta with style pack. Picking up my ST3 on Saturday though so I'll let you know!
  3. New Fiesta St3

    i'm swapping from an ST2 to an ST3 on Saturday, made the change from Spirit Blue to Molten Orange as well. will put pics up :)
  4. About The St

    Oh! I hadn't got a clue about that. I'm going to call my dealer first thing in the morning and ask if this is still the case. He seemed to think this had recently changed. I will let you know when I know, just in case some information has to be updated.
  5. About The St

    That's odd, not what the dealer said... He said that applied to none Privilege customers. Where was that info from?
  6. About The St

    I am indeed yes! Gets me about £1300 off as far as I can remember. my Grandad worked for them god knows how long ago, and still benefits from Privilege. Definitely look after their employees (past and present). Thanks for the info on the ST3, couldn't find that anywhere initially. Yeah I was with sainsbury's insurance and my Fiesta Zetec got written off due to a hydrolock, and as it only had 3 thousand miles on the clock they replaced it like for like. Now i'm with Elephant so I think things may be different, but i will check! thanks for the tip. Yeah tell me about it, although they've only offered me 13500 for mine, which I told them i'm not accepting. I spoke to Audi and BMW and they both offered me 14500...
  7. About The St

    I know, i'm struggling to understand why i've been offered that... To be honest, At the moment i have GAP insurance (which I got my dealer to pay for last time), and he said that although my payments won't change, I will LOSE my GAP insurance. So i'm going to need to ask for a rebate which will be a cheque, then I can either buy more GAP or have some cash?... Either way, seems like a good deal so i'm gonna grab it by the balls.
  8. About The St

    Spoke to my dealer the other day, he said I can bring my ST2 in (Spirit Blue, Style Pack, Spare Wheel) with 7.5k miles on the clock and I can drive away a ST3 in any colour without paying anything (no deposit, nothing added to my monthly payments, and i'm only 7 months into my ST2 contract.) Anyway, the Ford website lists nothing about the ST3 spec, and I don't have a brochure. Would anyone be able to tell me what the ST3 comes with? I know about the satnav but that's about it...
  9. Hi All, Just wondering, has anyone had a Ford SYNC update recently? The Ford site says you have to take it into the dealership to get the update done, which is frustrating... In the US the SYNC system is a lot more comprehensive, there's many Apps that you can get on your smartphone that work with it, which is really cool in my opinion. However in the UK we seem to be stuck with nothing, mine does do the Text Message Notification when my phone get's a text, but that's about it. Anyone know anything about the updates, if there are any at all? Thanks
  10. About The St

    I have an ST2 currently, but waiting for my local dealer to get back to me regarding swapping to an ST3, just for the extra gadgets :) It's the most fun i've ever had in a car. Low insurance, BIG fun. I've done 7k miles in mine since October last year, and i've loved every single one of them. I really need to get it on a track!
  11. An Efficient use of a Fiesta's boot

    I can confirm that you can fit 2 rear wheels and one front wheel from a Ferrari in the boot of a fiesta... Also got the other front wheel in there as well, but you can't see it in the pic.
  12. Hi All, Haven't posted in a while, been busy.! Just wondered, does anyone have any info for fitting a sub into a 2013 Fiesta ST with a Sony head unit? I've done it to a Pre facelift (mk7) and a Mk7.5 and they were both fairly similar, but they both had standard Ford head units. Is the Sony different? Thanks
  13. Hi all, been a while since i've posted but i've been pretty busy so not had the time! Anyway, Just hit 3K miles on my ST-2 Fiesta, and it's developed a weird issue. The bluetooth system has stopped working, but only partially... My phone (Sony Xperia Z1) connects and says that both PHONE and MEDIA audio are connected, as soon as i turn the radio on in the car. However, ford Sync keeps popping up with a messaging saying " DISCONNECTED". The message is actually incorrect, as there is supposed to be a phone name above the word disconnected, but it just appears as blank space. Even though my phone indicates its connected for both phone and media audio, all I can do is play music. No phone calls can be made through the sync system, as well as the Signal and Battery icons dissapearing from the top of the sync screen... I know this is a car issue, as i've tried other phones. Another thing that makes me think this is that I cannot delete the phone from the sync system, it just ignores my request... Ive done "Set defaults" and "Master Reset", but I think this needs a hard reset. Would anyone be able to give me a hint on how I can go abouts fixing this? I'm thinking of removing the fuse and waiting a while and then plugging it back in, but there must be something else wrong! any ideas?
  14. Windscreen Washer Reservoir

    As far as I know it's more than 2.5 litres, I'd say 3.5 from what I've put in before.
  15. Calling All Fiesta St-2 Owners

    Mine was 16k including GAP insurance, and took a month to go from order to on my drive. I think I may have got a bit lucky though. Would have been 17500 but I got a privilege discount.. I got a discount of 1547 from the dealer.