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  1. Focus 1.6 Tdci Running On "kangaroo Petrol". Why?

    I have an update. The car was sent for repair and Halshaw's (Ford Main Dealers I think) were asked for advice. The concensus was that the pipes from turbo to egr and turbo valve were likely to be cracked and sooted up. As I have never yet lifted the bonnet on this car please accept my apologies if I have some of the info slightly incorrect here. The diagnostics were checked and no fault codes existed. Anyhow, whatever the exact parts were that needed replacement I have now had the car back and there is no indication that the fault still exists, though I have only done a 70 mile jaunt as a test run. However, the car is completely different to drive now. Now there is no "kick" at 2000rpm there just a steady but more gentle surge of power that comes in somewhere around 1250rpm and seems to last past 3000rpm whereas before the urge seemed to be gone by that point. Also the fuel economy seems to have increased by approx 10miles per gallon. The car feels just like my mate's X type jag diesel (though obviously with less overall power) in that it now seems to pull from lower revs, pull for longer and there is no discernible point at which the turbo kicks in. I hope the improvement lasts and that this feedback may help someone else with the problem in future. Cheers
  2. Hi, new to forum and new to my Focus so bear with me if I post in the wrong place or act dumb. I have a 2009 1.6 TDCI Econetic. Only had it five days. First day I took it for a test and did 69 miles on motorway, fast A roads and winding B roads. absolutely no issues. However, two days ago whilst thirty miles into a long journey and driving on the motorway I had a misfire or hesitation where vehicle lost power, it then corrected and repeated this every second or two. Just like "kangaroo petrol". Problem lasted five or six miles on motorway and apart from me pulling cautiously into the inside lane in case engine died totally there was great issue and no loss of speed overall. I just kept my foot down and it eventually corrected itself. This happened three times in a 240 mile round trip. At one point it failed on an A road as I approached and island. As I rounded the island I found that I had no turbo "kick" (usually comes in around 2000 rpm) when pulling away. Next island, ten miles up the road and the car had corrected itself and performed great again with bags of pull at 2k revs. I am fairly certain that the problem is the turbo cutting out and back in and I could also hear a faint "chirrup" (sounding very much like a bird or an insect) every time the misfire/hesitation occurred. This leads me to think some valve or other control is operating sporadically, causing the issue. However, this is my first diesel, my first modern Ford and the first time I have had any issues of this nature. Please can someone give me some advice that is based solidly in experience. It seems that there are many similar issues with this 110 ps 1.6 engine but not many out there have a definite knowledge of how to solve it. As the car is going back to the garage I want to make sure that they don't keep it for weeks without getting to the bottom of it. Cheers Penelopepitstop
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums Penelopepitstop :)