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  1. Flashing Glowplug Light

    I ended up dragging it to my man on the spanners and near on £300 later i drove out! It was cylinder 1 injector failure
  2. Flashing Glowplug Light

    Little update, went on a run yday all seemed well, came to it this morn turned over a few times but wouldnt start also its got a massive patch of diesel under it! Going to drag it to the garage tmoz i think
  3. Flashing Glowplug Light

    No im trying to find out were to get 1 local, maybe argos or halfords. Going to take it a run in the morn c if that helps
  4. Flashing Glowplug Light

    Hi it was only about 3 weeks ago, i had it all done
  5. Right my cars been stood for 2 days, jumped in it this morning drove it for prob 3 miles before it came on. It doesnt seem to be losing power but it is doing my head in!!! It a 2002 tdci 130bhp Tia
  6. Any Bike Riders On Here?

    Tbh im just wanting something to have a bit of fun on as much as i would love a proper bike its took me near on 8 years for her indoors to agree! Lol
  7. Lend Us A Ride Australia.. New Series!

    I have seen all of there vids, aswell as all the ones on mcmtv2, i think they are the dogs low bits! Lol
  8. Any Bike Riders On Here?

    Im thinking of taking my cbt at the age of 30 just for a weekend bike and a pleasure run around, i quite like the 125cc supermoto's can anybody point me in the right direction of getting on the road for sub 2k? I like the look of the sinnis apache, are they any good? Tia Liam Sent from my C1905 using Ford OC mobile app
  9. If it is already painted all it will need is a scuff up or a light sand with 800 grit. Then you just de-grease and paint in the colour you want Sent from my C1905 using Ford OC mobile app
  10. Service Supplies

    Thanks mate had s look round, got all filters and oil from gsf for about £45 and got mintex discs and pads for about the same, both off ebay! Iv also orded 2 stainless egr blanking plates (just incase there abit thin) im also going to renew the gearbox oil and coolant and clean the egr and inlet so and tips or pointer would be fantastic! Sent from my C1905 using Ford OC mobile app
  11. What Is My Car Obdi Or Obdii?

    Iv had a go but it wont work it says problems with protacol? Works fine on the wifes a3 Sent from my C1905 using Ford OC mobile app
  12. Service Supplies

    Anybody? Sent from my C1905 using Ford OC mobile app
  13. What Is My Car Obdi Or Obdii?

    Yh its a 2002 2.0tdci 130bhp. Does this mean i can buy something so i can use the torque app? Sent from my C1905 using Ford OC mobile app
  14. Hi all, so ive bought myself a obdII bluetooth reader to use the torque app on my 2002 130bhp mondeo BUT although it fits fine it wont work! Im not a happy bunny to say the least!! Ive read on the net that its obdI, does anybody know?? Tia Liam Sent from my C1905 using Ford OC mobile app
  15. Service Supplies

    Also which egr blanking plate would i need and how do you change the fuel filter? Sent from my C1905 using Ford OC mobile app