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  1. Stretford99

    Ford Sync Autoplaying Iphone

    Very annoying! So you get in the car and it automatically connects to your iphone - very nice. But every time it does this it will begin to play the music on my iphone. I usually listen to the radio, so it only plays on my phone but I have to wait before I drive off and switch it off on my phone every time. My phone drains battery quite quickly Is there any way to get this autoplay feature switched off? Ive gone through all the settings and its doing my head in
  2. Stretford99

    Parking Sensor Not Working 1.0 Ecoboost 100Ps

    Yes cheers I think I'll give them a ring
  3. Evening all My rear parking sensor is playing up - I get one continuous beep and on the display it shows the right centre (not the outer ones) lit up with one red warning light. It does this as soon as I put the car on reverse each and every time? I've only done 230 miles, and it worked fine till the last few days. I've had a look at the senor and given it a clean. Is there anyway to reset it? Or will this involve checking the wiring - in which case given my lack of skills - the garage! Any help appreciated!
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Stretford99 :)