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  1. high milers

    I asked for the vin number he then asked why I needed that and then sent me the car reg. I told him I wanted to check service history. Told me I can get it from the reg. Not asked him again. If he wants to sell it then he will give me info and know something about it.
  2. high milers

    I have the same engine in my c max and thats done 227k miles. I was concerned about clutch and flywheel as I know they are expensive. But they guy isn't giving me info about it for some reason £1600 is the reason I was interested.
  3. high milers

    evening, been looking at a high miler like 230k, its a 2.0tdci 06 plate. Do i walk or have a look.?? What should i look out for?
  4. rear camber problem

    im sure i can somehow lol
  5. rear camber problem

    New arm I guess then.
  6. rear camber problem

    arnt the two inner bolts the camber adjusters?
  7. Evening all, I lowered my cmax over a year ago, i had to change one of the rea suspension arms as I couldnt get the bolts out and had it cut off. I replaced it with a non ford arm and now or since then the n/s rear camber is in more than other side. It been set up correctly using hunter 4 whee alignment twice and its been on another system again all correctly set up and within tolerances. Would the non ford suspension arm be causing the problem? thanks
  8. Focus C-Max Rear Coil Spring Replacement

    I had the same problem, passenger side was seized solid and I couldn't remove it. Took it to kwik fit who heated it up, nope that didn't work, snapped a bar. Took it to another garage the only way he could take it off was the cut the arm. The bolt had completely siezed itself against the bush.
  9. Focus 2.0 Tdci P2263 Fault Code

    Good evening. I have the exact same problem. And having read your post I thought hooray thank god. I don't have boost low end but if I Rev the !Removed! of it and hit 3k revs I can get 6 psi. With the pictures you posted about the pipes would you be able to post a picture from where those pipe start from. I believe they go to a solenoid on the right side of the block, one pipe goes to i Believe the actuator and the other that comes round the front goes in to the vacuum box located on the front. I think mine is all messed up causing my problem. Thanks
  10. Focus Mk2 2.0Tdci Starting Problem

    Starter motor sticking ? Can you test the battery and alternator?
  11. C- Max MPG

    Ive got a 2.0tdci 04 plate with 215k miles and can get 64-66mpg on the run. It doesn't get used for short journies. I used to use supermarket fuels but last 4 weeks been using super diesel. £1.14 a litre can't go wrong and it does make a difference. I've also got a panel filter k&n which has increased the mpg by 10% easiely.
  12. Read Camber

    Evening all, I started this in the main forum but thought I might try here, I've lowered my max had it set up correctly using the hunter system all within there tolerances however n/s rear tyre has massive wear on inside and camber is more than other side. What is causing this, can the camber be adjusted if so where do I adjust it? Not paying £40 odd quid again to have it set up.
  13. Read Tyre Wear

    Yeah. All within fords measurements. Near side is in more in at the top than other side.On the inside of the lower suspension arms are they the camber adjuster bolts?
  14. Read Tyre Wear

    Evening all, I've lowered the c max had it on the hunter alignment machine and all within the tolerances however near side rear passenger side inner tyre wearing thin. What's causing this anyone know ?
  15. Every now again it throws up egr fault code and engine light comes on. I've blanked it at the egr end. I could blank it the other end where it joins the inlet manifold. I'll have a search around and see what comes up.