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  1. MK7 Fiesta - Rough Idle & Limp Mode

    Cleared all codes, ran for a full week. Lumpy idle when started from cold and stationary at junctions etc. No EML lights or codes logged. Issue persists...
  2. MK7 Fiesta - Rough Idle & Limp Mode

    Thanks, the car is on 72k miles and had the EGR valve replaced at approx 60k miles.
  3. MK7 Fiesta - Rough Idle & Limp Mode

    Managed to scan for DTCs using Forscan. Not sure where to start...
  4. My MK7 1.6 TDCi Fiesta is suffering from rough idle (feels like a misfire). EML came on yesterday and entered limp mode. Restarted car and EML went out, not in limp mode. Currently hasn't re-occured. I managed to scan the car with a friends VCDS and showed the code: P042F - EGR System: Stuck Closed. The rough idle can be felt in the cabin when stationary. Any suggestions on how to diagnose further?
  5. MK7 Fiesta Wheels & Alloy Sizes

    Thanks, so the 15" alloys of tyre size 195/50/R15 will fit to replace my 17" 205/40/R17 alloys with no fitment or clearance issues?
  6. I own a MK7 Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCi Zetec S with 17" alloy wheels (black street pack). One of the alloys is bucked and is no longer maintaining pressure. Exploring whether to buy a replacement and change the 4 x alloys to another Fiesta style/size. Can anyone clarify which other Ford fiesta alloys I could run? Would 15" 4 stud alloys fit? Many thanks in advance.
  7. DIY Servicing?

    Thanks for your reply mate, I thought that would be the case, as long the vehicle gets what it requires on time. Do you think genuine parts are a must or could equivalent OEM from motor factors be used also?
  8. My partner has a 15 plate Fiesta 1.2 on PCP from Ford. My main question is regarding the servicing of the vehicle during the term. Are you allowed/able to perform your own servicing? Thanks,
  9. Hi, I own a MK7 Fiesta 1.6 TDCI Zetec S, and the backbox has completely corroded. Spoken to ford main dealer who want £184 for a replacement, thought I'd shop around the local exhaust fitting centres, and no one can seem to supply one. One place advised me that there was no joint between the backbox and centre section and would have to be cut. Has anyone else had a replacement backbox? Or can confirm if any of the above is true? If anyone has any diagrams would also be helpful. Thanks in advance, JAM
  10. Ford Fiesta Mountune Edition

    Hi, I'm currently looking for an ST-3 Mountune Edition Fiesta. I have spoken to Macrae & !Removed! Ford Sterling in Scotland who have given me as price of £20,250 OTR. (Molten Orange) Can anyone please advise on any other approved Mountune dealerships who will be able to provide the same vehicle? I am based in the North East of England and would appreciate advice on experiences with buying the Mountune Edtions. Thanks,
  11. I need new front pads & discs for my MK7 Fiesta 1.6 TDCi - Looking around for the best prices. Anyone got any links or suggestions on where to find the cheapest supplier would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
  12. Ford Fiesta Mk7 - Wing Mirror

    I'm after a Panther Black one mate. Thanks!
  13. Hi guys, After some advice regarding getting a replacement wing mirror for my MK7 2009 Fiesta. Yesterday someone smashed my passenger wing mirror completely off, while driving past while my car was parked and did not stop. Contacted my local Ford dealer, who quoted £200 which seems a little steep. Are they any alternative part suppliers? Found a wing mirror on e-bay which comes unpainted for £50.00. Does anywhere supply them already painted? Thanks JAM
  14. Welcome to the Ford forums jam251991 :)