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  1. How to disable parking sensors?

    Wiring problems are very difficult to find without all the information from the system. Ford has the information, but unfortunately they will not give it too you. So I think you need to pay the Ford dealer a visit. If you do not want that, you need the check the complete wiring harness. Starting at your front bumper, check al the connectors, etc. a lot of work if you ask me. The PDC system of a MK7 is not connected to the BCM or canbus system. It all works analog, it gets its power from the reverse light or (in case of front PDC) the button on the dash. Very old fashioned, but it works.
  2. How to disable parking sensors?

    You can't. You can disconnect the PDC module and loose all parking sensors. Replace the module for the basic one, just for the rear sensors. Or fix the front ones. What is wrong with the front sensors? A bad sensor is secondhand not that expensive.
  3. Sony stereo to Satnav retrofit 2016 model

    FCDIM pin 6 -> Radio Pin 4 FCDIM pin 12 -> Radio pin 5 This information comes from a Focus MK3. But the sat nav is the same in a Fiesta MK7,5. The antenna wiring is a bit different. The black fakra connector needs to be removed from your radio and needs to go to the black fakra connector on your screen (FCDIM). And a new (short) wire should go from the pink fakra connector on your screen to the black fakra connector on your radio. The blue fakra connector on your screen is for the GPS antenna. And if there is a round green (4-pin) connector on your screen, you can connect a rear view camera.
  4. Sony stereo to Satnav retrofit 2016 model

    It is possible, you need to do all these things: - Replace the FCDIM (screen) for a version with sat nav function (with the sd holder above the screen) - Install a GPS antenna - Program the BCM (in some cases you don't have to). This can be done with a IDS adapter, ELM327 with Forscan and an extended license or the Russian UCDS adapter - Install an antenne wire from the screen to the radio (otherwise you don't have TMC) - Install two audio wires from the screen to the radio (otherwise you won't hear the spoken direction's) - Replace the Facia with sat nav buttons And that should be all.
  5. Fiesta mk7 eco mode

    Nothing to worry about: http://www.autoblog.com/2011/01/28/2012-ford-focus-ecomode-aims-to-perfect-eco-driving-techniques/ This system is on your Fiesta as well.
  6. Fiesta X

    The global open/close function only works on the facelift Fiesta with 4 electric windows. Retrofitting on a prefacelift is not possible. You need to change the window motors, wiring and BCM.
  7. Dab Radio

    Good to hear that you finally got it working! Hopefully this will help you in the right direction: The antenna itself is located inside the rear bumper, behind the reflector. It's hard to explain without a picture.
  8. Cruise Control Activation Mk 7.5

    My dealer connected the IDS computer, changed the cruise control setting to "With cruise control" in the asbuild file and the cruise control works fine. I replaced the steering wheel with one that came with the cruise control buttons. It took no more then one hour to install it all.
  9. 2015 Ecoboost Ambient Lighting

    All I know is that the EU spec Fiesta does not come with foot well ambient lighting. Only above the glove box, cup holders, front door cards and next to the front interior lights.
  10. 1.0 Ecoboost engine undertray

    The undertray is not something that is standard on diesels or patrols, some markets get them as standard, other markets don't. I know that some Scandinavian country's get the undertray as standard. In the German market, a Focus does come with an undertray, but the Fiesta don't. Over here in The Netherlands, the fiesta and Focus do not come with an undertray. Some luxury models get them as standard, because it reduces the road noise a bit. The undertray of a MK7 and MK7,5 are the same. I fitted one to my old MK7 (1,25 85hp) and my current MK7,5 (1.0 125hp). Never had any problems with it.
  11. Driving in Europe 2015 Titanum

    The projector headlamps have a horizontal cut-off line. When you lower the beam with the switch on your dashboard, it should be fine. At least, that's what I did when I visited the UK last month. No upcoming traffic flashed there high beam, so they were not dazzled by my headlamps. If you've got the reflector headlamps, you should buy the eurolite stickers. Because those headlamps do not have such a fine cut-off line and are more likely to dazzle upcoming traffic. No police officer (at least in the Netherlands) will stop UK cars if there are no stickers on there headlamps. As long as the aren't blinding any upcoming traffic. If you're still not sure, just buy the eurolites. They are not that expensive. (Off-topic: I spotted a few posts back that you've had bad DAB reception. Since you are visiting the Netherlands, use 11C and 12C for the nationwide public and commercial DAB+. Enjoy your time in Europe)
  12. Mk7 Fiesta Zetec S Petrol Engine Undertray

    You mean this one? FINIS: 1794581 This part fits both Fiesta MK7 and MK7,5 (2008-2015)
  13. Sat Nav for red edition?

    There is no way you can just 'upload' the navigation on a non-navi radio. You need a different screen (one with a sd-card holder), different facia (with navi buttons), different dashboard trim on top of the screen, a GPS antenna (behind your rear view mirror) and additional cables. When all that is in place, you need to activate it with an IDS computer. Total cost, a lot...
  14. There is a guy on the Dutch Focus Forum that managed to get it working. He used an UCDS and IDS adapter. I'm still waiting on his reply how he actually did it, but it is possible to retrofit DAB after all. And the module I mean is the FCDIM (screen).
  15. Reset of DAB radio

    Does this change of frequency means that England has DAB+ now? I'm asking because I visit England 4/5 times a year, and I've noticed a huge difference between the Dutch DAB+ network and the UK's DAB network. I would be great if the UK has the new DAB+ with better reception right now.