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  1. Happy Birthday Fiestafool!

  2. Fiesta Mk6 Clutch Problem..

    Hello world im needing some advice. for a few months now when i push my clutch in it makes like a click noise everyone said it was nothing. Well yesterday that nothing that every one said turned into a shamefull breakdown in bad traffic lucky i had my mum with me to help push it off the road.. my clutch just had no spring in it. it just went straight to the floor. i managed to get my grandad to tow me back home which was scary seeing as im only 22 and it was the first time i had to do it. HAHA well i had a proper look at it today and there was like a rod that was just dangling down doing nothing and on my clutch there was a bar sticking out so i thought it was suppose to be attatched to that so put the rod thing back on my clutch and i can now get it back into gear and i can also drive it but im just unsure whether it is safe to drive it? and what is the actuall problem of it? iv had my Fiesta 1.25 05 plate for a year and half and iv never really had any problems with it apart from both of my front springs had snapped. any info would be really great. Thankyou.... Lee....
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums Fiestafool :)