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  1. Back of the net! I just guided Withington to play-off glory in League D2 http://t.co/fDG7nuiXfl

  2. 05 Ford Focus Instrument Cluster

    Well, just had the garage back on the phone. They have had the car over a week and I had no contact since giving them the go ahead on the £700 repair. So I call them today and they tell me the fault they thought it was is not the issue, it is instead another part and this will cost £1000 for the part alone. I traded in an RX8 to buy a ford 2 years ago as it was more common and easier to fix and I thought more reliable. Since I bought this car 2 years ago it has been in the garage 6 times with various faults. Time to scrap it I think and buy a brand new car.
  3. 05 Ford Focus Instrument Cluster

    Hi All, This is my first post here, so would like to say Hello first. I browsed this site a lot since purchasing my Ford, but never had a need to post, until now that is. So here goes. So, I have a Ford Focus LX (05 Plate), I have been getting error codes on the dashboard showing the check engine light. This happens but when you turn of the car and re-start the error code usually clears. I however was driving to work the other day and the car cut out and rolled to a stop. I then proceeded to try and restart the car, but nothing. The car has since been towed to the local Ford dealership who have informed me this is a fault with the Instrument Cluster and the immobiliser is therefore stopping the car from starting. The garage has quoted this work at costing in the region of £700. This seems a lot, so I was googling and seen this is a common fault on Ford Focuses and watchdog once covered this issue and Ford were fixing the issue for around £100. Please can you let me know if this is still the case and if there is a chance my car would fall in to the ones effected (as I am not sure which years/models have this fault)? Also how do I go about raising this with the Ford dealership, or should I try and contact Ford head office? Any help would be appreciated, many thanks.
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums WayneShears :)