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  1. @arturszalak @OverclockersUK one step at a time 😋.

  2. Just converted a 65Meg word file to a 3Meg PDF. Its been a good day.

  3. BOOM!! Now @ExtremeNetworks ENS qualified.

  4. This is a test ignore for the most part

  5. Replacement Nav Sd Card

    Hi btmaldon thanks for that. Ill check. Both of you thanks for help. rang the local ford garage, got the specs of what works :) and then told them nicely to not order the 250€ SD card :-p I think the ebay item will work so Ill put in for that. On a side note replace the central cig lighter / usb fuse with help of other forum posts. happy days :) Delighted with the import.
  6. Replacement Nav Sd Card

    Hi Stoney, Thanks for the reply. This will work in a 2011 Sport? I just want to make sure and not be at a loss here :)
  7. Replacement Nav Sd Card

    Hey guys, New to the forum, I did a quick search and haven't seen anyone quiet in the same prediciment as myself so any help, pointers or guides would be handy. Just bought a 2011 Focus Zetec / Sport import from the UK to Ireland. One with inbuild Sat Nav etc. Wondering where I can locate the Sat Nav SD card or a replacement that is compatible with my car/system. Is it a generic SD card with just supported maps/sw on it. Is there sw on it or is it a specific to each ford, that year etc? Again guys, thanks for the help and if this is answered somewhere else I am sorry :)
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums Rattlehead :)