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  1. Sierra gallery!

    me start!! my baby, 1.8td 5dr red big plans got for her like putting her in the weeds and got some wheels aswell your turn
  2. Where's Ford Sierra

    the admin has to do it but i vote for a sierra section too please i mean you cant miss out the best car ford made!!
  3. any ideas how to get abit more go out of my 1.8TD sierra with out spending much money?
  4. ST Stripes

    hey shall i put some on my sierra desiel lmao
  5. Sierra 1.8 cvh

    if you do fine a sierra in a scrappy see if its got a decent rear bumper and nice it for me plz
  6. power steering convertions

    hi im in need of a power steering kit for my 1.8TD sierra please help i dnt mind if its on another car and i have to rip it off as long as i can get PS lol thanks
  7. hi!

    hi my name is ben im 18 and just got a ford sierra for my 1st car woop!! always been a fan of the sierra as they put the drive to the correct wheels lol this is my 1st ford not counting the 3 my mum had its a sierra 1.8 turbo desiel (yes expensive insurance lol) but i love it pics to follow if anyone could help i need a power steering convertion for her tho as its heavy!! thanks ben