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  1. Colour Coded Fogs

    Thanks mate
  2. Colour Coded Fogs

    your always gonna get dust nibs. Just flat them out of the clear and buff. Here's a fascia I did for a buddy. It had nibs but once I'd flatted and buffed it it came out like this.
  3. Colour Coded Fogs

    I love painting. I do loads in my spare time. Its a bit of a hobby along with detailing. I'm a bit OCD with it. Lol
  4. Colour Coded Fogs

    They look mint. Might go for a set and code them white!
  5. Colour Coded Fogs

    What are the DRL ones like. Do you have a link buddy?
  6. Colour Coded Fogs

    Do it! Don't know why Ford use that crappy plastic. Surely they could have moulded the bumper to house the fogs as its the same bumper for every model except ST and RS
  7. Colour Coded Fogs

    No they are painted. Did them a while back Do quite a bit of spraying in my spare time. Bit of a hobby. Might gloss black the grills next. Fully smooth them!
  8. Colour Coded Fogs

    Colour coded fogs. What a difference they make! What do you guys think. Ignore the fact that car needs a wash lol
  9. My Focus Zetec S...

    Just bought these! Look great!
  10. RIP - Tdcist's Focus Zetec S Tdci

    Great looking car mate, Didn't realise that you could fit the ST upper grille. Even though I've painted several for an other ST owners club's members! I'm defo going to change mine. You need to get the fog surround colour coded it makes a massive difference to the look off the car. I did mine and being white made a massive difference. Much cleaner look and makes the lower grill look much more menacing!
  11. Hi Everyone

    Haha, It's 3 years old in 2 months so more mods may be in store once the warranty is up. I've had the car from new and had the map from only 1000 miles. 20000 later and I'm pretty used to it.
  12. Hi Everyone

    It was done through a friend. I went to a place in Rotherham called Mtech. Not sure on official power as never been on rollers but he recons between 160-170 bhp. Much more savage on torque delivery. Really pulls well. Especially in the higher gears. In wet conditions there no chance of hard acceleration. As a comparison my cousin has an ST and his as standard is around the same performance in the higher gears. Obviously from a standing start he has the upper hand. His ST is now pushing 390 bhp with some serious mods. I need more power!! Lol
  13. Professional Valet Or Home Valet?

    Got to be a done yourself! Dedicate a day or so, get some good gear and crack on. Take your time. It sounds like your after more of a detailed finish as opposed to a valet. Detailing is mega addictive and rewarding. But I warn you it can be expensive! I'm a serious obsessive. A quick maintenance wash often turns into hours once I start noticing little bits that others may not. Lol
  14. Hi Everyone

    Just a quick hello. Just discovered this forum whilst doing a search for 2.0 tdci power mods.. Looks like a good one so I've joined. I drive a frozen white 2.0 tdci ZetecS with some subtle mods and a nice remap. The pic is a bit old. Fogs are now white and bonnet tip gloss black. Thanks for reading and chat with you all soon Steve
  15. Welcome to the Ford forums F1SJL :)