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  1. Hi guys im still having issues with my 1.6 ecoboost focus mk3. The main dealer can't feel the misfire and shivering at idle and low rpm. no fault codes have been thrown up. i had a chap the other night who used to work at ford and has all the equipment to check my vehicle, he found 2 Anomalies which he needed to look into further. First issues was with the camshaft intake, the data ford set states that my car should be at 0 percent at idle and mine was reading minus 28 percent at idle which is way off, I'm not quite sure what this is measuring but I'll assume it's oxygen. second one was to do with the voltage of the throttle under accelerating. The figures stated my car should be at 2v and mine was reading 4.5v which is to high, once again this might be related to the throttle position And one final reading was the fuel adaption which was showing minus 7.2 at idle. im waiting for the chap to get back to me but anyone got any advice on these figures.
  2. Turbo whine/screech.

    I have been driving my focus ecoboost today and for some reason the turbo whistle has gotten really loud like a screech/whine when under load. The car is running like a bag of crap anyway but this turbo harshness has me even more worried now especially as ford still can't find a fault with my vehicle. Please watch the video I've uploaded, doesn't do the noise justice as it was quite windy when recording earlier. Any advice would be very welcomed
  3. Hi everyone. still having ongoing problems with the focus. Still not sorted the judder at idle or the drop of if power. car is currently at the main dealers again and no fault codes showing, so they saying no fault and nothing is wrong Also when I gradually accelerate at idle upto about the 2000 rpm the whole car shakes and wobbles and feels awful. Also when the car settles back down the idle, the revs drop to about 500 then pick up to 750 again, I've noticed when the car is doing this the whole car is rough all round, lack of power and shaking at idle. I possibly think it's something throttle related, either the throttle body or idle control valve or throttle position, it's intermittent but becoming more the normal now. anyone got some advice please
  4. Decent obd 2 scanner

  5. Decent obd 2 scanner

    Hi im looking for a decent ish diagnostic scanner to monitor my Ford Focus something relatively cheap but does a good job. Reading live data and dtc codes. thanks in advance
  6. Removing and cleaning throttle body

    Just a pig to get to it, can't clean the throttle body attached to the car as its not easily accessible. Need to ideally remove it first but don't want to damage anything in the process
  7. Removing and cleaning throttle body

    Hi how easy is it to remove a throttle body on the 1.6 ecoboost engine (situated at the front of the engine near the radiator) and clean it. Anyone got any clear instructions on how to remove it from the engine
  8. New fault codes appearing, help needed

    Anyone know any of these fault codes that are appearing after driving a 20 miles round trip. ive tried to look up the codes online but I'm not entirely sure what they mean can anyone check these for me and tell me what they exactly are
  9. Car Battery - Ford Seem To Be Wrong

    Im at a loss then as thats the only other thing the garage can change to see if it cures the running issues. Theyve checked the car numerous times and the problem seems unfixable
  10. Car Battery - Ford Seem To Be Wrong

    Just checked on that link it does say my car came with a 60amp 650 cca, my current one is a 60 amp 590 cca can that cause issues as the cold crank is lower
  11. Car Battery - Ford Seem To Be Wrong

    Hi Everyone Right, how do i start to try and explain this, As most people are aware on this forum that i have been having issues with my car, in terms of a poor idle, loss of power etc. Its been to my local auto electrician numerous times for diagnostics and checks. They have spend hours and hours trying to find the problem with the car. When they first had the car i made them aware that a new battery was fitted by ford so that shouldnt be the issue. So today the garage gave me a ring saying the battery is not correct for the car even though ford say only this battery is available. The Ford battery is a efb 60amp 590 crank. But when the lads showed me 5 other websites with my car registration inserted the battery that came up everytime was 75amp 730 crank which is more powerful. VARTA... YUASA AND EXIDE direct on there websites state the correct fitment should be that (75amp 730) and not ford's recommended one (60amp 590) Also halfords and eurocarparts also show the 75amp 730 crank battery. So because they think the battery is to small, that is causing my problems. I rang tc harrisons who stood by the battery size of 60amp 590. any help please
  12. Is this normal, idle tick over

    I have no idea how to find the correct fuse, what do I need to look for, the sensors are a complete waste of time and money. The rear ones are helpful but the front ones are crap
  13. Is this normal, idle tick over

    Erm ..... The problem is back😪 Ran sweet as a nut for a day and the same old crap has returned. one thing I have noticed, the front parking sensors that were fitted by the main dealer when I brought the car seem to have broken again. They were fixed under warranty 2 weeks ago as half of them were faulty and beeping all the time. They have been ok until today when they have started beeping randomly again and the button next to my gear stick keeps flickering. So it's gonna have to go back again to be fixed. im wondering if they are shorting out and causing these other issues. ive had nothing but trouble from these front parking sensors since owning the car and I've never used them as they have never worked correctly. Can I get ford to remove them as they are s**t.
  14. Is this normal, idle tick over

    Alternator was changed today by a local independent auto electrition who fully diagnosed the fault. All I had to pay was 49 quid diagnostics and the warranty cover the 370 alternator. Went back to my local ford and told me nothing was wrong in the first place, they said the garage who changed the alternator was wrong and that wasn't the fault. I made a right scene as they still don't accept anything was wrong with my car. anyway new alternator was fitted and the vibrations have gone and the car runs great.
  15. Is this normal, idle tick over

    I may have misheard, he could have said pcm. They reckon they know what it is anyway so it's a relief that it will get sorted and no more hassle with trying to find out what it is