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  1. Im sure the 140 will do it in that but iirc wasnt evos long term test only running 109bhp before they mountuned it. Id say bluefin isn't worth it in my experience Jay
  2. Ive got a 1.6 petrol mk7 zs - I was the test car for J1 so ive got one of them, got a milltek cat back(same as mountune's) and I was the second car in for development for hte Bluefin device, the graph they have is from the map they built for that car. I tested the BF device its self. My cars been on rolling road(same one-RS Tuning in Leeds) a good few times and it went from about 130bhp to 131.4bhp or something with the BF on. It had slightly more torque in low revs and the MPG/AFR was great but there wasnt much of anything else. For the rest inbetween (say 2-6.5rpm) it was the same or slightly lower. for comparison it was rolled on thier road and it made 138bhp from the 130bhp on my car. So even if those figures are averaged its 134.7bhp but it certainly didnt feel any faster. Ill upload the graph at somepoint I have it at home. Jay
  3. lots of cars cruise along in first and second gear quite happily. Its good for slow moving traffic jams, in my mk7 in first it does around 6mph and in second it does approx 10mph if your careful enough with the clutch you could get it up to a reasonble pace in 3rd, 4th or even 5th(might be pushing it) just by using the clutch. Nothing unnormal. Hope this helps. Jay
  4. Fancy buying some and shipping them on? Would like one of these very much. Thanks for your time Jay
  5. As stated above with the cone in the engine bay you may increase airflow but it will be hot air and hot air is less dense than cold air outside and this will decrease performance. This heatsoak will reduce power. As vinny stated above a heatshield is ideal for a cone otherwise its pointless. Though you can always get more power than a stock system, the stock system is made to be very quite and not made for performance really. Have a look @ the J1 automotive kit if your looking for good gains. It is a cone with a heatshield so when the bonnet is closed it is a big cool airbox with a large intake. In testing I carried out on a dyno I had been on a few times before it gained 5bhp over standard paper filter and 3bhp over a K&N Panel. Depending on how much power/sound you want you may be better off getting a K&N Panel. Im not part of J1 or affiliated but I instead offered them to test thier kit on my car. I do think the kit is pretty good and well worth it the workmanship is good. Jay
  6. Indeed I do two in front 2 tweeters and 2 in rear and the underseat sub of course ;)
  7. 30/35mm I have them on mine. Great addition to the car. Does make a difference stance wise and handling is improved greatly. No understeer at all now. Jay
  8. A facelift is just what it is though, I'm doubtful for any major changes. You give a 50yr botox shes still 50. The fiesta is a good car anyway. They just refresh the bodywork/interoir and may add a few new options. Jay
  9. Where was that confirmed by ford? As for the audio upgrades. Ford already have upgrades in thier accsesories booklets from Pioneer. The ST will be on the way at some point. I think the Zetec S should(if they were going to go that route) get an option of the detuned ecoboost(Zetec SS< Copyright Fiat? lol.) But to be honest, I doubt that, like with the Corsa 1.6T VXR and the old 1.6TCorsa SRi(before vaux' got wise and changed the Sri to a 1.4T) that could be simply remapped to almost VXR power it could take sales from the Top of the range. Same with the minis they can be remapped up to a different spec level. Jay
  10. Hi mate, My GF got a new Ka and Ive tried to get the secret menu up on it but then, you need to remember, it is a Fiat, so it will have a fiat set up/ecu etc so I very much doubt Ford have put thier set up into it. Short answer is a no as far as Im aware. Jay
  11. www.j1automotive.co.uk Tha pics of the 1.6 fiesta intake are my engine bay :) and the dyno graph etc in the tech specs of the kit are mine too :) Heres J1's press release about it. http://www.free-press-release.com/news-fiesta-mark-7-air-intake-kit-improves-1-6-litre-engine-power-by-5-bhp-1289826517.html Jay
  12. Hi Tato I had the car first rolling roaded(to get a power figure) once I got my Milltek/Mountune Cat-Back exhaust the car also had a K&N Panel filter and the car ran about 126bhp(Without the Panel filter It ran 124bhp) I then tested the j1 induction kit with the head of J1 automotive as they hadnt tried the kit on a mk7. We can the car on the same dyno and again before the j1 kit it made 126bhp. With the J1 kit it made 129.9bhp(3bhp over K&N and 5bhp over standard) I then got into talks with Superchips. A company that remaps cars and also has a handheld device that allows swapping between standard and remapped modes in a few mins. The car was ran on thier rolling road(not the one its been on before) and it ran 137.8bhp. It didnt feel like that, I could feel that the remap had improved torque lower down but with lots of back to back testing I couldnt feel much difference. I had it back on my own rolling road and it ran about 132bhp max. I have told this to the superchips guys and they will be working on a new map for me soon as well as raising the rev limit to around 7000rpm as the car is still making power until the redline. Currently I have put the standard map back on and its running around 130bhp. here is a video of the exhaust and J1 kit what they sound like- excuse the camera work it was hanging from my hand I was concentrating on the sound lol
  13. As above, its Ford testing the front end of the car,the engine, the suspension and the brakes. The roll cage is there for saftey, last thing ford would want while blasting around the ring would be an accident that led to someones death. I didnt think they would make a grill like that for the new ST but now ive seen it it does make sense as like said before there all min/maxi versions of each other. I cant tell if its going to look good or not. Its the car im looking out for to buy in the comming years. Will have mine paid off in about 10months so by then ford should have put there cards on the table. Thanks for posting these guys! Jay
  14. Ive had the kit ages now and still puts a smile on my face, the extra power is evident after 3200rpm there is a noticble bump in the power where the car starts making the most of the J1 by asking for more air. The quality of the kit is second to none ive seen really and In my opinion solves all the problems of the standard kit and the other alternatives. Air isnt slowed down by the up down up down atandard air feed, No heak soak, large enclosed airbox when bonnet is down and a large cone filter to maximise air intake(more surface area than a panel). Im sure it is a bit cheaper direct from J1's site. Ive you do buy, drop him an email or a note saying you saw it from me :D Yesterday I took the kit off to give it a quick clean(doesnt need doing but fancied doing it and took some pics Jay
  15. Sounds good :) I look forward to seeing them would quite like a set in white Jay
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