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  1. Happy Birthday Malcolmcelyn!

  2. My Focus has a 5000-series radio/cassette fitted. It has a CD input button, but no CD auto changer. Knowing nothing of car stereos, I'm hoping someone can answer this query: can I use the CD input for an MP3 player (specifically my iPhone 4S)? If so, I'm guessing I'll need to solder a jack socket, on cable through dash, to rear of unit. Where would they need connecting to? Is there a plug connection available for the three jack connection wires?
  3. Central Locking Problem.

    Oh bugger! Thanks for the reply Hubby. Was hoping not to have to take the door card off, but there you go. I've heard it's possible the micro switch on the door module needs cleaning so I'll try that first. If no luck, I will have to try your replacement suggestion. Thanks again.
  4. Focus 1.6 LX 2000 (X-reg, Mk 1?). Central locking using fob: Passenger and two rear doors unlock properly. Tailgate unlocks properly. Drivers door - locks/unlocks with key, but NOT fob. If I try to lock all doors with fob, passenger and rear doors lock momentarily, then unlock. If I do this after locking the drivers door manually, they lock and stay locked. They also unlock, but the drivers door stays locked. Have reset Siemens box under dash. Have oiled lock mechanism on drivers door, both externally and at the interior handle. Re-programmed remote using ignition/off 6 times etc. I assumed that as lock works with key that fuses would be ok. However, I'm now wondering if this is a problem with the fuse for the drivers door. Fuse box is behind glove box. What number fuse is the drivers door central locking? Is it the infamous number 63? Anything else I should try after replacing fuses? Sorry its long winded but there are so many different central locking problems I wanted to be sure I was looking for the correct answer! Many thanks......
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Malcolmcelyn :)

    1. Malcolmcelyn


      Cheers Steve. Just bought an older Focus as a second car and have loads of questions to ask over coming weeks! Need to change front bumper, change/modify radio, possibly change wheels and sort out central locking issue..