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  1. When can I buy tickets this year for ford fair ? Is there still stand passes available as I've not been on the forum for ages cheers
  2. I personally think mudflaps look great and serve a good purpose I did the same and bought some off eBay for round about 20 pound and made up some brackets and have never had a problem with them
  3. I think it looks a lot better though and I would be getting it sprayed in gloss black when finished
  4. Hi all has anyone tried to cut out the holes on the lower of the front grill if not has anyone got any ideas on how to. I was just thinking about either a Stanley blade but I don't know how thick the plastic is or using a drill and then using a belt sander to smooth of to the edges Thanks for your help
  5. Hi I am just wondering where the best place would be to get a push start button put in. I don't know wether ford can put one in after your car is built any help would be great Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  6. My dads did this in his mondeo turned out to be the steering rack now it's sorted
  7. Does anyone know if they will fill the facelift fiesta I emailed sico and they said they weren't too sure which wasn't much help
  8. Is there anyone who would like to meet in the West Midlands with there fiestas don't think there is one near me
  9. Hi I've been looking at some prosport coilovers and been having a look at some of the reviews for them as I've not heard of them before and was wondering what's peoples experiences been with this company or what have they heard thanks
  10. I had a friend who decided to take his rocker cover off to be sprayed but when putting it back together forgot to put one of the seals back in and had exactly the same issue
  11. Hi does anyone know how to take the fog light out and the surround off as I am looking at tinting my fog lights and would prefer to take them off and do them inside the house cheers
  12. Did they make much difference in sound or anything mate as I'm looking to buy some blue ones cheers
  13. Cheers I read that the sidewalks if the toyos were soft and people were having trouble with them on other cars that's my only concern and as I live in the it could probably do with a tyre that performs well in the wet
  14. Looking at getting some new tyres and I have narrowed it dwn to toyo or Yokohama what do you lot think are the best cheers
  15. They look terrible anyway best off buying some aftermarket ones they look much better