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  1. Retrofit Bluetooth Audio Not Working

    Sorry for the delay in replying, been away for a while. From memory and with the glove compartment removed, there was a wiring loom on the LHS. Part of tis was covered with the grey sticky backed foam. Once this was peeled back the audio patch lead was there. Mine (on a 2010 focus titanium), had a cable loop already plugged in. It was this loop that had to be replaced to make the system work. I do not know if there is a cabling difference between the 2009 and 2010. Hope this helps a little Phil
  2. Retrofit Bluetooth Audio Not Working

    I have managed to acquire a 19C112 unit to replace my 19g488, have just installed it and all is working fine including the audio streaming. Only one issue now is the link cable from the old 488 unit usb to the glovebox USB socket is not compatible with the new 112 unit which has a mini usb connector out. Can anyone advise the correct part nr for the mini USB to glovebox USB socket to suit the 19c112 unit? Thanks Phil
  3. Retrofit Bluetooth Audio Not Working

    joe, Great news. Enjoy Phil
  4. Retrofit Bluetooth Audio Not Working

    Gaz, Sorry you are correct in your above screenshot, this is what I used. Not quite sure where I saw the option I described although in my defence Sunday morning was a bit of a panic when it all looked to be going wrong!! Definitely version 0.2.5 as well Cheers Phil
  5. Retrofit Bluetooth Audio Not Working

    When i set up my SRM, i wasnt given the option highlighted above. I instead chose 'Bluetooth & USB' i have used this several times today with no problems. Gaz, thanks. The HEC thing was my fault as i got curious. Phil
  6. Retrofit Bluetooth Audio Not Working

    Joe I presume you have the audio patch lead suggested by Gaz in post #2 of this thread? Having looked at your screenshot, i dont recognise the user interface for the version of the software you are using. Have you used the link provided by Gaz in post #28 as this is the one that I used and which worked. Cheers Phil
  7. Retrofit Bluetooth Audio Not Working

    Ok, Having done a bit of panicky research across the forums, the suggestion was to disconnect the battery for 15 mins and hope for a reset - which I duly did. This appears to have cured the issue with the HEC as all appears to be functioning correctly. The SRM module also still works so feeling like a very lucky boy at the moment. In light of my antics this morning my best advice would be to STAY AWAY FROM HEC CONFIGURATION PAGE 3 unless you know what you are doing. Thanks all for your help Phil
  8. Retrofit Bluetooth Audio Not Working

    Gaz/Joe I modded my cable on Friday and tried but experienced the same problem as Joe (wouldn't write to the SRM). I wanted to rule out any 'wiring' problems before raising an issue which I did last night (there were none that I could see). However on seeing the latest posts I have this morning followed the instructions on the download and it I have now updated the SRM successfully. Couple of points though, - I am using a 64 bit o/s and copied the files directly to the directory in the READ ME file. However one of the files would not copy or move (msbvm60.dll). This now appears not to be a problem for the SRM activation. - There was no BT/VC Low option in the SRM config menu. I chose Bluetooth & USB. This also appears not to be a problem. - Make sure voice control is ticked in the HEC Configuration Page 1 tab. When tested the SRM appeared to be working fine albeit you follow these tips at your own risk as I now have another more serious problem that I wonder if Gaz can help with. When in the HEC module, I was able to read configuration page 1 & 2 fine. I tried page 3 and it gave some warning dialogues which I saw when playing with the software on Friday that did not cause any problem and allowed me to read the settings. However today when I progressed through the warnings I have now lost all HEC function on the dashboard and the software will not communicate (states no data). Other modules can still be read fine so presuming this is not a wiring issue. I have restarted the software on the PC but no joy. Any help would be appreciated in my panicked state! Phil
  9. Retrofit Bluetooth Audio Not Working

    Thanks I ordered the cable over the weekend and have downloaded ELMConfig ready. I have already changed the stalk so that done. Hopefully the cable mod and the re-programme are jobs for the weekend. Thanks for the offer of further help.
  10. Retrofit Bluetooth Audio Not Working

    no not yet, I need to get the SRM activated. Next job on the list! Phil
  11. Retrofit Bluetooth Audio Not Working

    By way of an update I fitted the microphone, and the audio patch lead and the system works fine now. Like Jo, I couldn't find the 'empty' connector for the microphone patch lead but seems this is not needed. Mine is a 2010 Focus with a build date of 22/1/2010. Thanks for your help Gaz
  12. Retrofit Bluetooth Audio Not Working

    I picked up my patch leads today and will be having a look at this in the morning. I will let you kow what i find.
  13. Retrofit Bluetooth Audio Not Working

    Thanks Garry
  14. Retrofit Bluetooth Audio Not Working

    Gaz RS, thanks for your help and the photos - much appreciated. The module I have is a 8M5T-19G488-AM (ebay special) - is this a problem? I have not managed to install the mic yet as I seem to have got the pillar mounted one instead of the unit in the courtesy light, so will have to go back to Ford to get the right one!. I will pick up the patch lead at the same time. Do you also happen to have the Finis code for the Mic Patch as well - just in case. Thanks again Phil
  15. I have a 2010 mk2.5 focus Titanium in which i have retrofitted the Ford bluetooth unit ( version AM). The car did not have bluetooth capability out of the factory. The phone is bonded with the sony DAB headunit and can make calls but there is no audio through the speakers. Similarly no streaming audio is heard from the music player. Having researched via Google, i am aware that there may be a wiring compatibilty issue but have not been able to find a solution. Can anyone help? Thanks Phil