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  1. i just looked at videos for the tps and they all show the revs dying down at certain points and bouncing but not coming down slowly, my car seems to be revving its self slightly when i change gear and when i roll in neutral
  2. James I just ordered some CRC MAF Sensor cleaner to start because it could help with fuel economy, also when it first starts up I noticed when i roll down the hill in neutral the rev meter goes up then when i stop it goes down and this makes it a bit hard and rough when i change gear !!! Arthur where did you get the Idle air control valve from ? and Neil what is tps ? i'm not a mechanic as you can tell lol
  3. Hi James, Thanks for the welcome and thanks for your help, Ive been told it could be the IACV before but not the MAF where would I find the MAF sensor ?
  4. hi, (sorry said 2003 in the title by accident) i I have a 2001 1.8 zetec 16 valve ford focus and about a year ago I had problems starting it from cold and when it started it would idle just on the next line above 1000rpm and and when i changed gear it would seem to rev down slower than normal not really bad but i could notice the difference but when the engine warmed it would go back to the line below 1000rpm but still didn't rev down much faster, recently the problem has got worse and now when it starts it just cuts out and i have to keep revving it till it stops cutting out, I've been told it could be a number of things but it could be something simple, PLEASE SOMEONE HELP :(
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Liam.H :)

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      thanks for the welcome, how do i create a new post in the forum ? im having problems with my 2001 ford focus and i would respect the advise.