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  1. hi thanks for that information I managed to get the car started this morning took it for a quick test run it ran fine for about 2mins then I noticed the temp gauge had come up to normal within about 3 mins then the car started to run really ropey coughing and spluttering and at about 60mph there was thick black smoke pouring out the back and it was struggling to maintain a constant speed it felt like it was going to cut out
  2. hi guys I've just purchased a 2002 mondeo 2.0 tdci and I am having trouble starting the car when you insert the the key and turn the ignition on and wait for the glow plug light to go out the car fails to even turn over it is like the immobiliser is stuck on then after a while trying the start procedure several times the car starts but runs really rough you can't hold the car at a constant speed it sounds like it is misfiring badly till you accelerate can any shed some light on this problem !!!!!
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums dog1975 :)