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  1. Ford Fiesta 2011 Attempted Theft - Zetec S1600

    Not jsut Essex and Kent buddy these guys have started to share there tricks in and around Scotland as well. Lucky you never lost you're car, jsut a pain about the window. As you said though rather a window than a whole car.
  2. Driver Window Won't Go Up

    Hello guys been a few weeks since I've been on. Just purchased a full set of Bridgestones yesterday and got myself a full set of new brakes. I came home last night and tried to put my Driver window up and nothing happened. My passenger window works fine, I tried a new motor and also tried a new Box with Buttons and neither work. I checked my motor and button box in my friends Fiesta and all works fine. I've called Ford an they are wanting 82 pounds just to have a look. I trust my fellow Fiesta Owners more on here so will put it out there before biting the bullet and taking it to Ford were my pocket will feel a big burning hole.
  3. Pride & Joy

    Fiesta MK7 Zetec S - wanting to create something Unique
  4. You know your stuff I need to get a full pricing for what I want and then get all the cash together
  5. Send a picture once all done and looking amazing. We have a forecast that involves no rain so think I may clean mine also. £150 for a full system at that price I'm in haha not bad at all. I was looking into the mountune upgrade 140ps and also 155ps worth the money or?
  6. Nice so they going to fit it all for free or give you a good discount
  7. Gutting for the Alloy. Ford hit mine whilst it was in for a service.
  8. Very nice Stephen that will sound sweet. Liking the scuffates something else I need to purchasing. Alongside my ford owners sticker ;). Ill have a look in regards to exhaust system. They wanted to do testing on yours?
  9. Ill have a browse through and check some colours. You've got a lot of good ideas, you focusing on style or going to do any performance?
  10. Fly Eye Kit Mk7

    Thanks guys I'll keep you all updated with way I end up doing. Guess I better get looking around Scott lol some paint and walla
  11. Fly Eye Kit Mk7

    Hi Scott that looks very nice, how do you find the visibility at night? Also like the red on the front, where did you get them from?
  12. Mountune Yellow hmm never actually thought of that... Will need to have a look could be a winner. I clicked the link and that's a very unique colour. Thinking that for you callipers? I know what you mean with the red callipers, you must be looking for a unique look to be different as well =)
  13. They are the same as the car. When I initially got it Ford said it was Gun Metal Grey, but when I got my alloys done I was told Midnight Sky. I was thinking of doing Monster Green but that's a bit in your face, so I'm stuck until I can decide lol.
  14. A photo shop to see how black alloys would look with red may be an idea. If you leave your alloys the same colour and do the callipers red will no doubt still stand out and look nice. I'm looking to get my callipers and back hub done to compliment my alloys.
  15. Fly Eye Kit Mk7

    Brigante thanks for the pics, that looks very nice. How much did your lights set you back?