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  1. Happy Birthday TomTitanium62!

  2. What Speakers Fit My Mk3 Focus ?

    Hi all, I have a 62 plate focus titanium diesel with the Sony stereo and have been thinking about upgrading the Main large speakers in the front and back doors. Does anyone know what size they are or where I can find out without having to take the trim off ? And also if I would need any additional adapters for the speaker to fit on the door or the wiring ? Thanks in advance. I'm one hell of a novice when it comes to this sorta stuff and eager to learn as much as I can about my car. Cheers
  3. Ford Easy Fuel Issues

    Happy days ! Who the f would do that haha
  4. Ford Easy Fuel Issues

    That's really odd. My mate has mk7 and hasn't got that. I know it sounds daft but It almost looks like it's not meant to be there. Can't see it being a major issue though. Hope you get it sorted budd.
  5. Diesel Tuning Box ?

    Funnily enough my mate just fitted one to his mk5 astra a few weeks ago and caused a tube from the turbo or something to come off because of the increased pressure. Having said that it does have 90k on the clock and it's a vuaxhall so it was doomed from the day it rolled out the factory.
  6. Best Tyres ?

    Saying that though they weren't the extra load ones. Think I'll give Goodyears a try when the time comes. They seem to be a general favourite.
  7. Best Tyres ?

    Yeah they're exactly like just a size smaller. Can't say they've really let me down at all and I've gotta admit the grips pretty decent. However I think I've noticed them wearing down quicker than expected. But that could just be me being paranoid. I don't really drive like a maniac either and never harsh brake or anything like that. I usually keep my tyres inflated to 34-35 psi All round.
  8. Best Tyres ?

    Thanks guys. Yeah I think Goodyear came up in conversation before - by the looks of things I'll be going for continentals or Goodyears when they're due for a change.
  9. Best Tyres ?

    Hi everyone, this is more my curiosity playing up and trying to plan ahead but I was wondering what best tyre brand for my car would be. It's a 1.6tdci focus - latest model. I've put michellin primacy 3's all round on there but have been told by an experienced tyre fitter and an experienced mechanic who's owned god knows how many cars and what not that they're not good for my car as it's heavy and front wheel drive and apparently they'll eat through them. It's been recommended that I stuck with the brand that came with my car originally which is continental. Tyres are 215/55/R16 - 93H Any advice would be well appreciated Thanks in advance
  10. IMG 2223

    Osram cool blue intense
  11. My 1.0 Eco Boost Project

    Yea i know what you mean about the fly eye kit, id be a bit 50/50. however I've seen it on other white fords (focus and fiesta) and it does look good. its not something i would do personally but i have to admit it does look nice.
  12. My Focus Titanium Build - Tom

    Next mod i want to do is swap the spoiler for a Zetec S one. But that could be a while yet. with car insurance and holiday to pay for this year i could do without the expense lol. What i really want to do is get a remap done, Argh ! so much to do.
  13. My Focus Titanium Build - Tom

    Definitely, even though i have to admit i got a lot of it of your build thread HERE. thats why i love these forums, you can get all sorts of idea's.
  14. My Focus Titanium Build - Tom

    Next up to wait for my Heko's to arrive. Also a few little bits from china Tweeter covers Plastic chrome effect door handle surrounds Door handle inlay stickers Will post pics once they have arrived and fitted heko wind defelctors - http://www.ebay.co.u...=item53f972b85c Door handle inlay stickers - http://www.aliexpress.com/snapshot/309109826.html Chrome tweeter covers - http://www.aliexpress.com/snapshot/309103199.html Interior door handle plastic chrome surrounds- http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/221332903843?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649