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  1. Hi Went to have the aircon re-gas the other day but after pressure testing the system first there are a few leaks in the condenser. Can anyone tell me what is involved in removing the front bumper ? is there access to the condenser an easier way ? Thanks Craig
  2. Hi. Had the Mondeo interior shampood the other day and afterwards the valet company had the heaters set to HI to aid drying the interior. When driving home I selected LO only to find no drop in temp, hot air still continued. I did manage to get up a fault code in the climate control diagnostic feature which pointed to the cabin ambient air temp sensor (cant remember the exact code/wordings). Also found info on here about a whistling sound from behind the dash which points to the mentioned sensor located in the steering column (I have this whistle sound in the car). Is my issue likely to be this sensor being coated in 15 years of crap ? is this sensor able to be cleaned or does in simply need to be replaced with new ? Thanks !
  3. Hi. Recently puchased a mk 4 mondeo with the 6000 headunit fitted. Just wanted to know your opinion on these units ? Biggest issue for me is the crap sound quality from the speakers, crackling and when the volumes up the sound seems distorted and a speaker or 2 comes and goes ? thanks !!
  4. Thanks for replies. Another issue - what should the speaker sound quality like on the mondeo ? at present the speakers sound crackly, distorted and all over the shop, is this the normality with the ford 6000 headunit ? Should the fuel cap lock with the central locking ? Thanks
  5. Hi all. Recently purchased a 2007 1.8tdci zetc Mondeo with 63000 miles on it. Firstly a/c doesn't work - hopefully just a re-gas ? Secondly heated front screen doesn't work - the button illuminates but can't hear any relay clicking on/off or unable to see a dip in revs etc. Any thoughts ? Does this Mondeo have speed locking ? If so how do you activate. Apart from that quite pleased with it, reset trip computer the other day and took it a run on C/C and seen 63mpg. Any info / input appreciated Cheers
  6. hi mate, we replaced the pollen filter seal but problem persists, the volume of water in the cars beyond a joke, i had my head in the drivers footwell and looked up above the acc pedal in the corner and water was running down that area so god knows, would a wet ecu affect instrument cluster ? ta
  7. hi, the instrument cluster in my mates 03 1.8 focus has went crazy and had a mind of its own the past few months, ( beeping, displaying 7000 revs, round at 140 mph and warning lights flashing, no millage display fuel gauge dead ) i see its a very common issue so we went to the scrappy and got a set from a 05 plate 1.6 model, plugged them in and the temp gauge, millage and rev counter worked fine, but fuel gauge showed zero, petrol light on, abs light on, handbrake light on even though it was off, management light on...could it be that it was maybe another duff instrument cluster or could the problem be elsewhere, this has all come about since the inside of his car is soaking and we cant find the leak ( thats a different issue though ) can a "damp" ecu cause this ? i also see when i lifted his driver footwell carpet up abit there are a few wires earthed to the floor that are all wet. also am i correct in thinking that the ecu is behind the panel in the right of the drivers footwell ? any suggestions appreciated cheers
  8. hi, thanks for that. in the photo you will see a plug "HP6". well funnily enough there was water in that region when i had my head in the footwell so can only hope its that, is that just a plug or does the acc cable go through it or something ?
  9. hi, can anyone give me a photo of the above focus floor with the carpets out etc, im looking to see grommets in the floor etc, still trying to find out where waters generously pishing into mates focus, its getting beyond a joke now. thanks
  10. we got the wiper arms of after getting the proper pulling tool, got the scuttle panel off, everything underneath was fine, (not that you can see much!) the new pollen filter seal seems to have stopped water getting in the pass side but the water seems to be pouring in the drivers side, i had look up the drivers footwell in the top right corner behind the dash, you can see its wet up there so im thinking its getting in up there somewhere but cannot be seen as to where, the car is like a swimming pool now, any thoughts ?? we did think behind the front wing or wheel arch liner ? or do you think it will be a waste of time taking this apart to look. cheers
  11. havent had a chance to seal anything as yet due to it being my mates car not mines and being at work, weather etc... but water leak is a whole lot worse, the passenger side is dry since the fitment of a new pollen filter seal, now the drivers side has a puddle front and rear, i got into the footwell the other night and its running down from up behind the dash, but cant see exactly where, i really need to get the wiper arms off, they are on solid. my mate did say when the garage fitted the new wiper motor they had alot of hastle removing them but i need them of to get along under there and the bottom of the windscreen all sealed up nicely. any good methods of getting the wiper arms off ? tried a hammer but no joy. the moisture is affecting the electrics now aswell, speedo panel and wipers going daft at thier leisure. cheers
  12. when you say kinked or gaped out are you refering to the new seal? in that case i suppose it was, just the way it come in its original ford packaging. when the garage had the wipers of replacing the motor they seem to have broken a couple of the little clips that secure the scuttle down to the car body. all this coluld have been prevented if they had just replaced the relay and not the motor. there was nothing wrong with the original one. we have tried to get the wipers of but they wont budge. when the garage tried to get them of for the motor replacement they ended up hitting them with a hammer. and also can you tell me what people mean when they refer to the "cowl/cowling" ??
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