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  1. Lights

    Hi I have a 08 plated 2.0 Titanium Mondeo, only recently my dashboard complained about a stop bulb has gone. So having replaced it, i now noticed that when unlocking the car, both left side lights don’t come on (indicators do when they flash). When at night, only on the back left, the side light does not come on but the indicator and brake light works when applied. I’m confused, does anyone know what might cause this to happen? I thought I might have knocked some connections but nothing obvious. Anyone know what I need to check because I’m stumped 🤔 Any help appreciated and thanks!
  2. Hi Has anyone come across this problem where the handsfree has stopped working on iPhones? The problem is not with my bluetooth handsfree radio because it works fine on a Windows mobile. The iPhone connects fine but drops and reconnects repeatedly every 15 seconds and I have already reset the handset back to factory default. Any fix that anyone know of as it's frustrating not be able to use my iPhone. Please no sarcastic comments from Anti-Apple people. Thanks
  3. I really hope I can find a genius on here to help me. I've had a Mondeo Titanium X for nearly 3 years and I have been using the hands free with several mobiles including iPhones no problem over Bluetooth until a few months ago, now I don't know if the IOS recent updates has stopped it working properly, Bluetooth connections keeps dropping although I can use Windows mobile fine and stays connected. Anyone have this issue? It's really frustrating when I'm on the road a lot of the time and I don't want to use my work mobile all the time for personal calls.
  4. Car Stereo

    This may be a strange query but it's bugging me. Does anyone have a stereo (MP3 compatible) that on the front display when playing MP3 tracks, it shows the name of the singer/album as ROOT and not the title of the album or singer, it displays song titles fine. However, on the dashboard it shows the singer/album and songs perfectly. Any ideas? Thanks
  5. Hi All of a sudden both my reverse lights has stopped working and am seeking advise. Would this be a fuse? Or something else. I refuse to believe both bulbs have blown. It's a Ford Mondeo Titanium X 08 plate.
  6. Indicator Stalk

    I ended up following this and (touch wood) for the last couple of weeks the annoying indication has stopped :) 1, Remove both screws from under the steering colunm, lift the top cover off and drop the bottom cover. 2, Remove the two screws holding in the stalk. 3, Pull the stalk away towards the door, you will have the indicator unit in your hand. 4, On the unit is a small circuit board, held on with 2 screws, remove the screws. 5, On the other side ,of this circuit board are copper tracks and contacts. 6, Clean these contacts, 7, Put it all back together, problem sorted, 20 minutes
  7. Radio

    I have a Ford Mondeo 2.0 Titanium X 08 plated and the radio that came with it is seriously poor with signal. It can hardly pick up many local radio station whereas my Wife's Ford Focus picks up fine. I have gone down thinking it was the aerial on the roof so I bought a new one on eBay but it's still the same. The other day I thought perhaps the antenna cable behind it may have come loose, so I took everything out to get behind it, but all looks fine. Ok, I'm not always a radio person but on the odd day it would be nice to listen to it. Can anyone suggest any ideas that I could try to resolve this, I'm not really interested in buying a new radio unit as I feel this is a poor solution just to boost the signal and I don't live in a bad area where radio signals are not poor either (as my Wife's car radio is fine as well as my previous cars). Thanks for reading!
  8. Hi I have an annoying issue with the indicator stalk for my Mondeo (Titanium X '08 model). After indication before it clicks back to normal position, sometimes the indicator is still going so I would either have to tap gently on the stalk to stop it, or indicate to the opposite direction and click it back to normal manually before it stops. Does anyone else have this issue? is this easily fixed or would I need to get the Ford Dealers to replace the (possible faulty) part? Any advice please? Thank you.
  9. Trip Computer

    Thanks for your post. Without having done anything to it, it's working again. Still if I have 3 months warranty from the place I bought it from, perhaps I should take advantage and get them to look at it just in case it's loose or something. Thanks again.
  10. Trip Computer

    Ignore people, it seems the up arrow doesn't work full stop, have to get it looked at me thinks :(
  11. Hi I am now officially a proud owner of a Mondeo 2.0 Titanium X 08 plate car :D The whole car in my opinion is amazing, loving the gadgets that came bundles in it. The query I have is currently my "Trip Computer" is stuck at "Average Speed" and although I can scroll around the other menus, I just cannot press up arrow within the "Trip Computer" to things like "Trip to empty" etc. I originally had it set to show how many miles I had left before I need to refill but now stuck showing the average speed which I'm not bothered about. Did anyone have this issue? or managed to get pass this at all?
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums J4rbo :)