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  1. Happy Birthday schematikgnu!

  2. What Would Happen If..

    When fitting a new 'o' ring seal on the injector leak off pipe, i managed to loose the r clip for the small black connector. Anyway, i can't fit a new one as there's wires and pipes all over, i've tried, but lost the new clip also!... So, what would happen if i unplug the following? I wouldn't loose the injector codes and have to reprogram would i? Cheers
  3. 1.8 Tdci.. Where Is..?

    Actually, sorry guys! Am i now right in thinking this is a part of the actual pedal in the car? I thought there was a second sensor in the engine bay. my bad, sorry!
  4. 1.8 Tdci.. Where Is..?

    The Throttle Position Sensor on the above engine (Mk2.5 Focus)? I've googled and searched but can't really find any info. Cheers.
  5. Fuel Leak From Here..

    Brilliant, cheers James. I've replaced the seal and took the car out..so far everything looks good.
  6. Fuel Leak From Here..

    I've noticed that connector on this braided pipe is damp where the rest are bone dry and to be honest, i'm not entirely sure what i'm looking at.. Can someone tell me what this pipe is (i'm guessing leak off pipe? and if it's easy to fix? Cheers
  7. Rattle Rattle!

    1/ Clutch pedal sticking on travel upwards from floor 2/ Damp patch around bell housing 3/ A metallic, sporadic intermittent rattle when in neutral which is also now noticeable when accelerating in low gears (undetermined whether this is clutch plate and/or DMF) 4/ Difficult to get into 1st, 2nd and 3rd 5/ Hesitating (intermittent) at 50-60mph This is the result of a recent diagnosis I've had done on a 4yr old TDCI (1.8). It's going into the dealers I bought it from tomorrow for repairs, but I wondered what you thought the new parts list will include?
  8. Conflicting Info..

    My car's recently been back to the dealers as when at idle there was a metallicy rattling sound coming from the gearbox area. Very long story short, after a week of telling me there wasn't an issue the car was taken to Ford for a second opinion who advised that the release bearing was worn and needed replacing. I've since got the car back and the only paperwork i've been given says that they've changed the concentric slave cylinder - £35 and £299 was spent on something else (no idea what, i've asked but not got a response). Anyway, i've only driven it a few times since i've had it back and i've noticed that the rattling is still there (although very faint which dissapears when clutch pressed) and if you push the clutch in very slowly, as it starts to travel there's suddenly a loud and nasty rattle which stops once the clutch is pressed a bit further. Obviously i dont go round riding the clutch or only pressing it down part way, but is it supposed to do this?? The garage reckon it's entirely normal, Ford and an independant garage have mentioned the DMF.. what do you guys think?
  9. Clear 'anti Scuff Pads'

    On either corner of the boot lid where the lid meets the rubber stops, there is a clear pad that looks a bit like a nicorette patch.. one of mine's missing and the rubber is starting to wear the paint away, any ideas where i can get some or what is a decent alternative?
  10. Calling All 1.8 Tdci Owners (Urgent!)

    Thanks again John. I sent an email to Pendragon (who i believe 'own' Evans Halshaw) on Tuesday night, explaining the issues i was having and that the dealership were refusing to make any repairs. Although i've not heard anything back from them, i called EH yesterday to explain that i'm working away and couldn't collect the car until Friday afternoon. Very unexpectedly, they came back to me and said that they have another part on order which is due to be delivered and fitted to the car today.. The delay in me collecting the car is not a problem as it'll give them chance to 'run it and make sure everything's ok.. If there's any problems they'll ring me back'. As i was at work i couldnt question this any further, so i'm very curious as to what's now going on. I'm guessing they'll give me some paperwork to show what repairs are been made when i pick it up and wonder if this sudden repair has anything to do with that email i sent?
  11. Calling All 1.8 Tdci Owners (Urgent!)

    Cheers John, would be great if you could. The garage in question is Evans Halshaw in Boro, i left the car with them last night due to various issues and one of them been that i keep loosing the throttle. Yesterday they told me not to drive the car as they would be held responsible if it happens again and something happens, but today they reckon there is no fault despite me mentioning the TPS being a possibility. Apparently what i've read online through forums etc and had confirmed with Ford is not good enough unless they diagnose it themselves and because it's not a constant issue i'm lost with what to do next. I don't know what journeys the car did before, but with me it is going from Middlesbrough to Leeds and back everyday, so 95% of it's time is now on dual carriageways in busy traffic. With that in mind and the fact that It's already happened twice and i'm not prepared to pick the car up until something has been done.. If anyone has any ideas what i can do/who i can speak to, any advice would be great!
  12. I need a massive favour off fellow 1.8 TDCi owners and this is going to sound the strangest thing you've ever heard on a forum! I'm having a major row with a well know dealership and i need to know if what i'm arguing is right, so, your mission is as follow.. When you get in your car and start the ignition, leaving foot off clutch and obviously outta gear, just gently press the accelerator and hold it and let me know how high the revs get when they level off.. This would be a massive favour (all be it a very odd request!) Result 1 - mine = 1,700rpm
  13. Throttle Position Sensor?

    I posted a while back that the throttle on my 09 TDCI seemed very sensitive, and i've just had what was a very strange opposite experience.. stopped at a roundabout and there was suddenly a faint 'twang', when i went to move off there was very little response from the throttle and then the car picked up again.. a bit down the road doing 20ish mph, i give it a bit more throttle to speed up and the pedal had to go almost half way down to get a reaction. Now i'm home, it's back to it's old tricks where you gently press it and it goes from idle to 1,500 rpm. I've booked it in to get looked at next week, but was wondering if this sounded like the throttle position sensor or something more sinister??
  14. It's Driving Me Insane!!...

    I've got a knocking/rattling noise coming from the back of my car and i need to find/fix it before it drives me crazy! I just took advantange of the free offer Ford have got on for the free wheel alignment and suspension check (everything came back ok..assuming they actually did anything) and so far i've checked.. Spare wheel and jack Rear seat brackets Door brackets Boot lid and lock Parcel Shelf Rear wiper motor Rear bumper Any visible trim towards the back of the car I've wiggled the exhaust (not much play) Heatshields Took all trim off inside the boot and nothing is where it shouldnt be and nothing moves This noise only seems to happen at low speeds and going over uneven, poorly maintained roads and it sounds like it's coming from the boot area.. Going over a pot hole (which i don't normally do btw) and speed humps the noise isn't present, but going over road that's a bit 'dodgy' and the noise reappears and is quite loud and a bit metallicy. Any ideas where else i could check?
  15. Tdci Throttle

    Thanks for replying guys! So, Newbie and Karlos.. are your accelerators very 'sensitive' to? I've tried again this morning - car idles at 750rpm, apply the tiniest amount of pressure and it's up to 1,500ish+ rpm..