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  1. Happy Birthday lee-RS!

  2. Midland Meets

    I cant think of anywhere else that holds open shows really, and cant think of a good decent size area for local meets, but it depends on what people want from the meet really, ive been meets when I had my type r in a random car park where people just talk and look at the cars and others which have been held at pubs where you can have a drink and sumat eat
  3. Midland Meets

    Only takes me hour or so get there, not far at all, plus it gives us sumat else to do cuz of all the other cars and stuff, get a club stand and convoy down in the morning :)
  4. Midland Meets

    What about looking into booking a club stand at a upcoming show? Santa pod etc...
  5. Midland Meets

    Need more people really to confirm george, and what other sites do you use adrian?
  6. Midland Meets

    Need see what other people think aswell, no point saying a evening meet and 2 people turning up lol
  7. Midland Meets

    Would people be up for a daytime or evening meet?
  8. Midland Meets

    Is there an actual Midlands meet happening? Im seein alot of people agreeing but nothing actually happening lol if it did happen would most of the cars that turn up be modified?
  9. Derby

    Id be game to do some local meets as Im only in stoke so its not too far away
  10. Cheers guys, its by far the best feeling car ive owned, and the amount of people who stop and stare at it is unreal :) do you guys host monthly meets/events for club members?
  11. hey guys, im new to the ford scene, always been into my jap cars really but since i picked up my focus rs mk2 last weekend i fell in love with it immediatly :) looking to make some new friends and speak to people in the know about these really :)
  12. Focus RS

    My New Toy, standard at the mo, but hopefully not for too long
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums lee-RS :)