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  1. Strange EGR Problems mk2.5 1.6 TDCI

    I've just been out to the car, I'm no mechanic but I think this is the EGR valve fitted below.
  2. Strange EGR Problems mk2.5 1.6 TDCI

    Hi all, I can't help too much with all the diagnostics you have posted however in the end what fixed it was replacing the EGR with whatever brand the standard Ford part was. I had tried 3 EGR valves of a different brand (can't remember exactly which brand) but once a genuine part was installed and the EGR reset procedure was done the car has run fine since.
  3. Strange EGR Problems mk2.5 1.6 TDCI

    I've made a FORScan log showing all Pids relating to the EGR. The EGR Closes at 274 seconds which is when the RGE Stuck closed fault occurs. Hopefully someone can notice if these values show anything out of the ordinary. https://www.dropbox.com/s/spn2g20qksc6v4e/egrlog.fsl?dl=0 Just to note, I don't get the Orifice Restricted code any more.
  4. Strange EGR Problems mk2.5 1.6 TDCI

    Taking it back to the garage Wednesday, will suggest the EGR cooler and checking about the learnt values. Any chance this could also be caused by a split hose or something as simple as that?
  5. Strange EGR Problems mk2.5 1.6 TDCI

    Taken the car out yesterday and today after doing the reset of EGR valve adaptations and shortly after getting up to motorway speeds and same thing happens again, really down on power. Strangely enough, if I reset the fault codes when driving the car instantly returns back to normal. It does sound like its something to do with the learnt values and everything appears to be mechanically fine . When monitoring any sensors to do with the EGR, only the 'Status of last learning of EGR valve' show as learnt, the 'status of first learning of EGR valve' shows Not Learnt, might this help anyone have an idea what it could be? -Andy
  6. Strange EGR Problems mk2.5 1.6 TDCI

    I don't know if they've done either of those, but I have just tried resetting the egr valve learnt values with forscan and its seems to have run okay. Do I need to engine running to do this reset properly, or just ignition on? I didn't have the engine running when I've just done it. I hope this has fixed it, as it has played up twice already today! I'll take it out for a drive shortly and hope it stays okay. Cheers Ian!
  7. Strange EGR Problems mk2.5 1.6 TDCI

    I have a 2010 Focus 1.6 TDCI and I'm looking for some help diagnosing some EGR troubles. It started a couple of months ago when the car wouldn't start, with an 'engine malfunction', which the local garage had diagnosed as the EGR stuck open. I had the EGR valve replaced and thought that would be the end of it. After a couple of weeks, when driving to work I noticed a sudden lack in power or boost and it would struggle to maintain speed up a hill. Turning the car off and then on again seems to eradicate the problem, with the noticeable boost in acceleration back. Over the past couple of months this has been happening sporadically so I've bought a modified ELM cable and found the following error codes: P1402 - Exhaust Gas Recirculation Metering Orifice Restricted P0490 - Exhaust Gas Recirculation Control Circuit High P042F - EGR Control Stuck Closed I took the car back the garage yesterday and they've replaced the EGR valve again under warranty, however I went for a drive last night only for the exact same error codes to appear. The garage were at a bit of a loss before they replaced the EGR valve the second time and only done it as they weren't sure what else it could be. Does anyone know of any other problems, maybe outside of the EGR valve that could cause it to act this way? Thanks in advance, this is making me tear my hair out!
  8. Intermittent Boot Lights Mk2.5

    Thank you both for that. I've tried with a multimeter this morning and when the boot is closed both wires are feeding 12v. When the boot is open and the lights are dim, the positive is feeding only 7v while the negative is at 0. Again, any amount of jingling the connections/scotch locks doesn't cause the lights to work/not work. They still are sometimes dim when the boot is opened, then randomly flicker to life, sometimes come on fine.
  9. Intermittent Boot Lights Mk2.5

    Thanks for that alz, I've been out to the car and had a good look round the rear lights and couldn't see any obvious earth. Am I right in looking for a screw/bolt into the body? I also removed the side trim from the boot to try trace the wiring which I could only follow as far as when it starts to go behind the rear drivers side seat. Also the second light uses 2 scotch locks onto the wires for the first light unit, if I remove the second light the first does get slightly brighter but does not come on at full power. What's strange about it all is that they sometimes come on at normal brightness. http://imgur.com/a/3RsqE Cheers, Andy
  10. Intermittent Boot Lights Mk2.5

    Do you know where I can find the earthing point for this? Thanks
  11. Intermittent Boot Lights Mk2.5

    Hi Guys, I'm looking some help with my boot lights not working as per usual. About a year ago I added a second boot light and now have 2 smd led panels. They have been working great and super bright until recently they will only partially light up. The problem is intermittent as sometimes they work fine but most of the time they are very dimly lit. This morning I removed the boot panels to check the wiring and no amount of jingling the wiring would change whether they lit up properly or not. Unfortunately I don't have a multimeter to help me check at the moment but does anyone have any suggestions to where I should look next? Thanks in advance Andy
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums andystephenson :)