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  1. Poor Running Mk4 Fiesta 1.25 Zetec

    Forgot to mention I have also changed the earth cable from the rear of the engine to the bulkhead, as this had snapped also
  2. Hello My other halves 1996 ford fiesta mk4 1.25 zetec manual gearbox is not running well. It starts fine, but when driven off it loses power and jumps about, especially when under load, this happens until the engine warms up then it gets better. So far I have changed the fuel filter, and tested the resistence in the plugs and HT leads, and they were fine. Would I be right in saying checking the MAF sensor and coil is next? Also if the coil needs to be replaced, on Euro car parts web site they do two coupling types, Din and Saw toothed, any idea which is which and will be fitted, im hoping the latter as it cheaper. Any advise would be welcomed. Thanks
  3. Fiesta Mk4 Driver Seat Not Moving

    I fixed this :) just one of the rods had come away from a the mechnaism, had to remove the seat to do this but all sorted
  4. Hi all, I have a P reg ('96) Mk4 Ford Fiesta and the driver side fore/aft seat adjuster (i.e. for sliding the seat forward and back to change driver position) is broken. At first the seat would not lock at in any position causing the seat to go back and forth with breaking, and now the seat is locked in a position and can not be moved without using the handle to tip the seat forward (3 door). The handle under the seat is very loose, I have had a look and cant see anything that has been disconnected or broken. Any ideas of how I can get better access to the linkages, or it is a case of removing the seat, also any ideas on what the problem could well be, pictures would be great to. Thanks everyone. Helen
  5. Mk4 Fiesta No Steering Lock

    Hello again, Before I go out and but a new ignition barrel, does anyone know if a barrel from a mk5 or mk6 fiesta will fit a mk4 as they look pretty much the same from the pictures. Many Thanks Helen
  6. Mk4 Fiesta No Steering Lock

    Just seeing if anyone has had any further thoughts. Thank you for the replies so far
  7. Mk4 Fiesta No Steering Lock

    For now I have put everything back to how it was. Another thing I noticed, in the place where the ignition barrel goes, I noticed a very small spring, (the typr usually found in door locks). I noticed it felt quite loose, but secure, would this also be a problem. As if that's what the fault is, then I can see this being a very expensive repair :(
  8. Mk4 Fiesta No Steering Lock

    I have had a look today. Should the ignition barrel have more of a spring loaded feel to it, when both end are pressed together, as mine can be pressed in but then pulled back out. Otherwise there is nothing obvious as to why it not locking. With the barrel removed I even managed to lock the steering wheel by using a screw driver and turning the mechanism within where the barrel would go. I get the feeling the barrel is the problem, but nothing seems worn as far as I can tell, apart from maybe what I mentioned in the first paragraph.
  9. Mk4 Fiesta No Steering Lock

    That sounds simple enough to check. I may have a look at this in more detail on Tuesday. Be nice to have it fixed before the mot if its that simple. Thanks for all the replies so far
  10. Mk4 Fiesta No Steering Lock

    The plot thickens... A bit. The trusty old Haynes manual says that there are 5 screws holding on the steering cowling, and no mention of removing the air bag, which is a bonus if true. Also the lock sorts of locks, once the key has been removed from the barrel, and the barrel rattled a few times, after which a clock can be heard and steering wheel locks. Wonder if that will pass lol
  11. Mk4 Fiesta No Steering Lock

    That's another good point. I will leave it for now, see what the MOT says which is the end of next month, and let you know how it goes. Don't really want to spend too much as the car was £300 off ebay, been a good runner these past two years though I have to say.
  12. Mk4 Fiesta No Steering Lock

    Thank you for the replies, yes it has the red light next to the clock :). Sound like its a garage job then, but hopefully not too expensive on parts if its just a barrel and a bit of labour. Another question though, I have seen on another forum just this very second that having a steering lock only relates to cars after 2001. Only thing that puzzles me as mot's are normally on the lines if it was fitted from new it has to work. The forum was called MOT Testing Forums. It goes on to state it is acceptable for a steering lock to be removed if there are other means of immobilisation, maybe that's why it was an advisory last year. Again not sure on this one.
  13. Mk4 Fiesta No Steering Lock

    Hello All. After a bit of advice please as the mot is next month. I have a 1996 mk4 fiesta that has no power steering fitted and no adjustable steering wheel, only the bonnet catch underneath, but it does have an airbag, First question, did a steering wheel lock come as standard on these cars. If so then mine does not work what so ever, it would have failed last year but they did it as an advisory due to not being a failure on their system they had at the time, and they said the key was coded (little red plastic thing on the top of the key) though I don't think this is the case. The fiesta has no alarm or immobiliser as far as I can tell. Basically wondering how easy is to fix the steering lock, which part or parts would I need and will the airbag be a concern for a person like me with limited skill. Don't mind a garage doing it unless it will cost the earth. Any advice would be appreciated once again. Nigel
  14. How Easy Is It To Change Break Pads And Discs

    Hello I know this post is over three years old, but just like to thank you - just the information that I needed :)
  15. Welcome to the Ford forums nigel3809 :)

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      many thanks :)