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  1. Zetec S Ecoboost 1.0 125Bhp

    Oh yeah on the instant refresh mpg yeah, should have made clearer sorry
  2. Hi all, Had my ZS since 25th feb, recently theres a rattling around the gear stick, the piano black finish, if I press on it quite firm it stops, when im not in gear its fine but normally at 2krpm+ it happens, and very very often with a passenger, not so often when its just me, anybody had a similar problem? Thanks
  3. Zetec S Ecoboost 1.0 125Bhp

    I drive country lanes daily to work around 30 mile round trip and im on 43.8avg since Feb 25th, motorway driving is great mpg aswell, in town driving if your behind people at say 30mph in 4th I have been getting 80mpg if held steady But I dont drive economically and im managing that average of 43+
  4. New Fiesta, Picking It Up.....tomorrow!

    I havent tried it for reading a text yet! Do you have an iPhone? I know it doesnt send texts for those, but I love the Ford Sync aswell, probably because i had nothing special in my first car haha Glad your enjoying it! Im on a motorway run today, off to the beach!
  5. New Fiesta, Picking It Up.....tomorrow!

    Yeah I was guessing there, I just dont want to go buying a blue which is nothing like the dials thats all, might go for red though, its not too much red because car is Panther Black, so the red would go with the seats and cup holders
  6. New Fiesta, Picking It Up.....tomorrow!

    Where did you get the lamps to match? Wouldnt mind some! Or maybe the red to match the cup holders as i have the red seats in my ZS And hope you enjoy the Fiesta Nathan, loved mine since day 1!
  7. New To Fords + The Forum

    Ah yeah, do you have to declare remaps? Im not too sure on anything really so it'd help, and its only £1000 fully comp which shocked me. I previously had a corsa 1.2 53 reg, when I first passed it was £3500 third party. Stupid me payed it.
  8. Hi all, Just joined the forum, I bought the new fiesta zetec s at the end of Feb, joined for help and advice with things if ever needed. Had a few friends telling me to get a remap but cant seem to find anything yet. But yeah my first Ford as I hit 20, treated myself ;)
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums IPearcy :)

    1. IPearcy


      Thanks Steve :)