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  1. Fuse Layout For 1999 Galaxy

    go here http://www.forum.fordmpv.com/smf2/index.php as they have everything to do with the galaxy and a very helpfull bunch of people
  2. Ford Galaxy Steering Rack Help

    go here http://www.forum.fordmpv.com/smf2/index.php there very helpfull when it comes to the galaxy as that is all they do i have had great results from them
  3. Untitled Album

  4. Galaxy Mk3 Fog Light Unit Change

    from what i know the front bumper has to come off to do it
  5. Ford Galaxy

    just been to look at a galaxy 1.9 tdi on the T plate drives brill and goes like stink but when you start her from warm she takes about 5 turns before she starts again but if you give it a bit of throttle it will start straight away any ideas and how often should the cam belt be done many thanks
  6. just to let you all know the insurance you have a deal with is not cheap at all for me and my wife to drive both over 40 with 10 yrs no claim they wanted more than swintons who im currently with swintons £350 fully comp adrian flux £550 fully comp so its best to shop around just thought id let you all know and that was with the discount for being a member
  7. find a good valeter near you and get the car mopped but it will cost
  8. i agree the mondeo a dam good car mines an auto and if looked after and serviced when they should be they will go on forever i had other cars and have always come back to the mondeo for comfort and cheap maintenance
  9. Mot Emissions Failure

    try some forte i have used in the past just before an mot with surprising results on a diesel and petrol its not cheap about £18 a can and you put the whole lot in its the only one i have found that works
  10. Small Water Leak

    has yours got air con if so have you been using it if you have thats were the water comes from and is normal after you switch off
  11. Paid My £10

    i have just paid my £10 to show my support for the club cheers :P
  12. don't know what everyone else thinks but my mechanic doesn't rate the new diesels as they're prone to injector fail and its a case of having the injector coded to the car he sees many off them with the same problem
  13. well just had my new mondeo to my mechanic for service and check over shes a 1998 on the s plate with 60.000 miles on the clock anyway he checked her all over and all is good given full service with new coolant happy days at last
  14. Spot Lamps

    thank you will have a look