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  1. Radio

    Right, that's about the same as me, I went to halforda and picked up the cables and facia adapter, the guy there suggested a kenwood, but it was about £60 out of my budget, I guess it's just time to have a look around really.
  2. Radio

    I think that im going to just fit an after market system, so far ive found these, http://www.justkenwood.co.uk/car-audio.aspx/fp-07-05-adaptor, http://www.justkenwood.co.uk/car-audio.aspx/pc2-80-4-adaptor, Would those be okay? What radios would you suggest?
  3. Radio

    Is that a RDS 6000? If it is, can I just simply swap mine out with one of these?
  4. Radio

    I've taken my head unit out, it looks like this at the back, i cant see an AUX port, does this mean I can't do it?
  5. Radio

    This is what mine looks like
  6. Radio

    I dont have an aux button on mine, is it just the CD one?
  7. Radio

    Okay thanks for all the advice, one last question, but when its all plugged in and stuff, will it just play through the car speakers or will i need to do something else?
  8. Radio

    How have you routed your wiring? Im not sure where the best way to route it would be
  9. Radio

    This probably will sound stupid :/ but as I live in the UK will this still work, is there any country variants that I should be wary of?
  10. Radio

    Hi all, I have a 2005 mk5 ford fiesta zetec with the rds 4500 eon radio, I want to be able to play music from my iPhone through the car speakers, I want to be able to use an aux cable so it can be something other than an iPhone, What radios do people suggest and how I would do it, it's my first car, I don't want anything too flashy and it's not to blare music so that everyone and their mums can hear it, I just want to be able to play what I want without having to fork out for CDs because I can't use my own burned ones :/ Thanks, Tom
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums 07lodgeT :)