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  1. garywc

    Systems fault on dash

    If I buy a mk2.5 is it simple swap or does it require modification of wires or anything? Also will I need to have anything re programmed
  2. garywc

    Systems fault on dash

    Hi all. Had my focus about a month now and it's been nothing but trouble. 56plate mk2 1.6 diesel lx model Anyway the clocks are going wappy quite often into what I would say is limp mode cannot accelerate or pretty much drive. Seems its an electrical problem as a tap on the dash rectifies this till its next episode which could be minutes or days. Read up that you can take clock appart and re solder the pins. I really don't fancy doing this so would I be able to buy second hand clocks and swap plug and play no problems? If I was to get it fixed professionally who would be best person to go to. Auto electrician? A garage? Or somewhere else
  3. garywc

    Focus mk2 help

    That's exactly what I mean. Is it worth it? Your car looks very smart! Im just wondering if you know if the rear bumper from a mk2.5 same as yours would fit a pre face-lift. So the mk2 model. The reverse lights slightly different shape but I think it looks better. Thinking would it be worth putting zetec s bumper on
  4. garywc

    Focus mk2 help

    Lenny has answered the question about the rear reverse light. I would replace the red fog housing with clear and put a red bulb in and then retrofit a second which would be the secondary reverse light
  5. garywc

    Focus mk2 help

    Hi guys. I've just picked myself a 56 plate focus 1.6 diesel lx and got a few little things ide like to check and get help with I've currently just changed all front bulbs to led and reverse bulb to led Shame there isn't a second reverse light so I wanted to change fog surround to a lhd reverse and wire up a second reverse bulb is this actually worth doing? Also is the reverse cluster the same on mk1 and mk2? Secondly the boot seems very heavy when opening and requires a lot of force to lift. Is this normal or is it a sign that the gas struck aren't working correctly.
  6. garywc

    Number plate lights fitting

    Back to subject this is the led numberplate lights
  7. garywc

    Number plate lights fitting

    I'm not sure about the h4 fitting but the h7 led are 6000 lumen each and 6500k so are really white also have matching side light. Really happy with the look now it looks more luxury than cheap. You'll have to let me know how the halo rings look they are on the list to get. Not sure weather to go ambient 2 though but would like more white light than colours
  8. garywc

    Number plate lights fitting

    They are amazing and the h7 led headlights. Wouldn't be without them!
  9. garywc

    Number plate lights fitting

    I've fitted from autobeam replaces the whole light unit with an led unit plug and play clips straight in place of old unit no problems
  10. garywc

    Focus 2013 titanium x bulbs?

    Anyone know ?
  11. garywc

    Focus Bulb Lists

    Great to know cornering bulbs are H1. What is the main beam bulbs in the titanium x model?
  12. Hi all I'm new to this forum sorry if this has already bin covered. I've recently become the owner of focus 2013 2.0 diesel titanium x and really like the motor. But I'm wanting to change my cornering light bulbs and main beam to match up with the 'cool white' look from the drls and xenon headlights Am I right in thinking cornering bulbs are H1 and main beam is H7. I'll be changing indicator bulbs to silvervision too
  13. garywc

    Focus 2013 titanium x

    Delete please admin
  14. I can see this will be a nice car for you :) you will have to let us know about mpg figures, im guessing you will get better mpg than the 125ps due to the fact its slightly slower so your not likely to drive it as fast in all :)
  15. Is that 1.6 also?and what parts in garage lol