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  1. S-Max Bonnet Latch Problems

    Dear Forum, I would like to pass on my thanks to the members/forum site contributors for their wisdom. I own two fords (Galaxy 56 & S-Max 59) it seems problems come in two's, so as I was about to address the one regarding the Galaxy, with a flat battery, I then used my S-Max to jump start the Galaxy. I had a great deal of trouble locking the bonnet to my S-Max, but after visiting this forum and following the steps by unclipping the cover and using a 10mm socket as suggested, I noticed that the cable was sticking. I gave the assembly a clean up and applied a little 3in1 and hey presto the catch functions as it should have. Mine has also suffered from the small crack above the badge, which is annoying, however I'll just have to keep an eye on the paint work to see when/if it will get any worse. Getting back to the fix, the job was done in little more than 15 minutes, so thank you forum members for saving me a great deal of time and a lot of money. Now I'd better address the Galaxy issue!! Kind regards John Zero
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums John Zero :)