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  1. Intermittent Wiper Stalk Issue

    Thank you for your reply. moving or not mine doesnt seem to change.
  2. Hi All I have a 59 reg focus mk2.5 18.petrol zetec-s I have noticed and issue with the intermittent wiper speed, if I change it from fast to slow it doesn't change the time between the wiper moves. they work normal on constant and on fast. it doesn't have a rain sensor. any ideas.
  3. 1.8 Petrol Duratec He Mk2.5 Hesitation Issue?

    The oil consumption isnt that bad but ive never had a car use so much. Like you said that cant believe a car that young with that sort of millage... Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app
  4. 1.8 Petrol Duratec He Mk2.5 Hesitation Issue?

    Just come across this thread. Mines a 1.8zetec s on a 59 plate and mines the same its on 62k miles at the mine. Not done anything on mine yet as ive only just really noticed it but its fault free with latest software. I have noticed it uses oil! No smoke or signs of dripping anyway in the tray or on the drive way. Has anyone else noticed the oil consumption! Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app
  5. Revs Question / Clutch Solved

    Mines the mk2.5 and 1.8 petrol. Its always done but never actually stalled. Sometimes when i rev it a little in neutral the revs stay up for a bit even though my foots off the pedal. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app
  6. Headlight Bulb Recommendation

    I have the phillips vision plus They are good had them over a year and you can tell a difference straight the way from the standard bulb. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app
  7. Boot Light Not Working???? Help

    Cheers dude il have a look Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app
  8. Boot Light Not Working???? Help

    Cheers for the reply. Any advice on how to get to it. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app
  9. Hi all i need some help please. My interior boot light has stopped working properly. I have a Zetec s focus 59 plate mk2 When i open the boot the light doesn't come on but i slam the boot n it lights up slightly just before full close. Any ideas? Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app
  10. Focus Zetec S Tail Pipe

    Hi all I have 59 plate zetec s 1.8 and the tail pipe is all manky and i am thinking of replacing. I dont want a full exhaust or back box as i no this is just a clip on one its the style that the mondeo has too where it points downwards. I don't want an aftermarket one because of the insurance/noise n cant be bothered with all that but has anyone fitted a aftermarket tail pipe. Just want it to look nicer than the one i have. Does any just fit on? Or is it only the oem one which is about £40 from ford.
  11. No "S" badge on the Zetec S

    Mine had zetec with the s on the boot and 1.8 on the other side and the 2 S on the front wings. I Took the rear off tho and left the wing ones on
  12. Hid Kit

    They seem alright Never going to be like hid's but better than standard. They did have standard Philips bulbs in
  13. Hid Kit

    Fitted some phillips ultimate bulbs to see how these are. I know they are not going to be as good as the hid kit but thought id trial them first.
  14. Focus 2010 1.8 Mpg - Duratec He 1.8 Pfi

    Lol but turbos are awesome!
  15. Focus 2010 1.8 Mpg - Duratec He 1.8 Pfi

    Mine around town is around 28 but motorway around 40 if i take it very easy.