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  1. 3D Gel Or Even Metal Number Plates?

    They look mint mate. I'll look into these anti theft bolts lads, I can see them getting stolen round where I live. Cheers
  2. New Focus Owner

    Oh what a plonka I am, I forgot I wrote that post, it was so long ago! I be jumping to conclusions to quickly, my fault. Apologies Cheers
  3. New Focus Owner

    Don't worry pal, like you say I upgraded, don't think I'll be visiting that site again soon! At least I hope not Cheers
  4. 6000Cd And Bluetooth Music Streaming?

    How good is the audio quality mate? I don't want to buy one and have to throw it in the bin because it sounds s**t! Cheers
  5. 3D Gel Or Even Metal Number Plates?

    They look nice Stoney, thanks for the link! L66JER have you got any pictures of your plates? I would look trough your posts to find some but I'm on the phone and don't know how to. Thanks for all the help people, much appreciated! Cheers
  6. All Interior Lighting To Blue?

    Ok thanks for trying for me, I appreciate it! Cheers
  7. New Focus Owner

    I didn't think it was you anyway, I just though you might of knew who took mine. I also thought it was kind of weird how you said corsa (which was my only previous car and I'm signed up to their online forum) and that my centre cap went missing. If it was just a guess then it was a !Removed! good one. Cheers
  8. 3D Gel Or Even Metal Number Plates?

    Yes I see what you mean steads but the I've been reading the lettering needs to be a certain width, got to have an uk badge on, so on and so forth. I don't want the style of the lettering 3d either I want the actual lettering to stand out of the plate. Cheers
  9. Over the weekend I saw some 3D number plates and really want to get a pair. I was wondering if anyone on here has a pair and if so where did you get them from? I want the purchase to be as simple as possible so the plates will need to be road legal. I wouldn't know where to start on how to get a road legal plate, I just don't want to keep getting pulled if I get some because I'll just stick the originals back on. Looking forward to your replies, Cheers
  10. All Interior Lighting To Blue?

    Did he get back to you? Cheers
  11. New Focus Owner

    How do you know that? That's really strange because my centre cap did go missing. Cheers
  12. 6000Cd And Bluetooth Music Streaming?

    How have you managed to get your phone working with the stereo? Is your CD player silver with the chrome strip around the edge? Cheers
  13. New Focus Owner

    Cheers, only just seen this reply! Going back a whole year here but I didn't want to seem ungrateful! Cheers
  14. All Interior Lighting To Blue?

    Yes jeebowhite, would you mind giving him a prod. I was a bit rash in my original post, I'd like to turn as many lights as I can blur, I think it looks so much nicer than the standard red. KayJay
  15. Hello everyone, just going to make a quick post because I don't know how to search on this site, the search bar keeps taking me to google for some reason. Anyhow, as the title suggests, I want to change all my interior lighting including my standard stereo to blue but I don't have the knowledge to do so and would end up wrecking my car. I have a Ford Focus MK2.5 and am willing to pay anyone who can do this for me? I live in Nottingham UK so preferably nobody too far away. Cheers, KayJay.