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  1. 2.0 Tdci Injectors

    My understanding is tat the injectors will work but may not run very well if they fall outside of the pressure range of those calibrated to the ecu. So I guess you have another problem that is causing it not to start.
  2. Mk 6 1.6 Tdci Gearbox Whine?

    Thanks for that I will check it out.
  3. Mk 6 1.6 Tdci Gearbox Whine?

    Thanks for the reply. My problem is that my daughter uses the car daily for work and doesn't live at home so I am trying to check what I need so I am prepared when she comes around to do the job. There must be a filler to check the level but not sure if it has a drain plug or needs to be sucked out?
  4. Newbie From Southampton Says Hello!

    Thanks for the welcome guys
  5. New Member Driving A Sierra

    Sorry I don't know! Maybe some one on the forum can point you in the right direction if you post a thread.
  6. Hi From A (Quite Old) Newbie.

    Hi, Welcome! :D
  7. New Member Driving A Sierra

    Welcome, I had a couple of Sierras' nice to hear they are still out there!
  8. Taping Noises

    Do you have access to a code reader? Your garage is probably right as they should have checked for any codes. You could try a leak back test to see which injector is faulty.
  9. My daughters 57 plate Fiesta has a whine in top gear cruising at 60-70 mph. Just wondering if changing the gearbox oil may be needed as it has done a very competent 141,000 miles! Not had a chance to look underneath yet but hoping it has a drain plug and not a suction job. Any one with some experience on this able to help please?
  10. Hi, Joined the forum a while back but only recently made any posts. I have 3 cars in the household, an X-Type 2.5 petrol, an S - Type 3.0 Petrol and a Mondeo 2.0 TDCI Ghia X. Just bought my daughter a Fiesta 1.6 TDCI 57 plate. All Fords really! I am on the Jag forum but the engine overlap has meant I have been a regular visitor here! With 2 genuine Fords in the family I will be more involved and look forward to sharing useful info. with the members.
  11. Thanks for that, very useful information! I have avoided DPF diesels and run a 2.0 tdci Mondeo on a 54 plate which is prooving to be very reliable (Ooops!)
  12. Does My 2007 57 1.6 Tdci Fiesta Have A Dpf?

    Thanks for the replies, much appreciated. I thought there was no DPF but was reading the thread on the forum about Ford/Volvo diesel contamination in the sump and some of the post's were from guys with 1.6 tdci Focus's on 06 plates suggesting they had DPF's! This confused me but I guess they are mixing DPF with DMF? Thanks again.
  13. Hi, Just bought a Mk6 1.6 TDCI Fiesta Ghia for my daughter and not sure if fitted with a DPF? Does a daily 35 mile motorway commute but a lot of short journeys during the day. Appreciate any info. from some one in the know.
  14. Hi Flashblade, been following this thread with interest and pleased you've found a solution. Just wondered what effect removing the dpf will have on emissions at the MOT?
  15. Welcome to the Ford forums 3putgrb :)

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      Sorry for delay but thanks for the welcome