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  1. This is great, thanks - need to double check the manual when I get home, my focus is the 'style' trim, certainly doesn't have puddle lights or automatic fold, need to check if it's heated. The mirror units you linked above are a better price than I was able to find, they're listed as heated - if I don't have heated, do you know if I'll be able to fit my existing mirrors to this anyway? And presumably it's going to use the same loom connection? And thanks for the tip on the struts, will give that a go.
  2. martinspoon

    Mk2.5 Rear Drums Sticking

    Thanks both, I'll have a look inside this weekend. As it happens, I have a service booked in for a few weeks time (the dealer gave me a service pack for free when I bought the car), so if I can't see anything obvious I'll maybe wait for that. If I were to take it apart, do you think I'll have any problem refitting the original springs, or should I be ready to put new springs in? I live in a flat on a busy street and it's a bit of a pain to do work on the car so I haven't taken the wheel off again to double check this (will do at the weekend) - but from memory last time I had the wheel off, the drum didn't have a dust cap or nut to remove in the middle - this is a random photo I've found online but I think it was similar to this: Is that familiar to anyone? I'm pretty sure it has a hole to screw a bit into to help get it off (I was watching them do it when I had it in ATS), but otherwise just a case of persuading it pull off. I think I read somewhere it's a 8mm threaded bit you need for the hole? Thanks all!
  3. martinspoon

    2015 Focus Facelift (Mk 3.5) Unveiled

    I quite liked the front and bonnet of the mk3 - this new style isn't terrible, but I prefer the mk3.
  4. Apologies for making two new threads, after posting the last one realised I should maybe get a few things sorted whilst I'm in the mood! My 2009 mk2.5 Focus is in need of a few things - Wing mirrors. I'm really struggling to find mk2.5 specific advice for this (maybe it's the same as the mk2?). The black plastic trim around the mirror itself (sorry, don't have a picture handy, will add one later) is cracked, meaning the indicator is a bit loose. Held on with some tape for now. Am I right in saying that I need to replace the whole wing mirror assembly if I want to sort that? Looks like that's about £70-75 for an original part. Those don't come with the mirror itself, the indicator strip, or the cover. Does anyone have any experience of re-using - i.e. will I get away with taking those three parts off my existing wing mirror and using them on the new assembly? Any idea if that's difficult? Also, the struts on the boot are a bit rubbish. Any views on whether a cheap set of ebay are ok, or if I should spend a little more (e.g. these aftermarket ones )? Thanks!
  5. martinspoon

    Mk2.5 Rear Drums Sticking

    Hello all, I know sticking rear drums is a common problem in wet weather, but mine seem to be really bad. It's a 2009 Mk2.5 (Auto), about 25k, got it last summer, first 4 months or so no problems at all. Ever since it's started to colder and wetter though, I've been having problems. Unfortunately I live on a slope so I really need to use it to park. After just a few hours with the parking brake on, they will almost always stick. Most of the time it'll just pull away once I get going, although one time it stuck hard and I had to go at it with a hammer. After that I took it down to the local ATS to have a look at it (they've been pretty reliable in the past), they said inside the drums look fine, they gave it a clean and sent me on my way. It's still happening though, and this morning it took a bit more persuasion to get it to release, and there was a bit of a clunking noise from the brakes afterwards for the first few times I used the brakes after pulling away. It stopped after a minute but that was a bit concerning. Anyway, I really don't want to send it off to another garage just for them to tell me the same thing, and I'm relatively happy going into the drums myself if I have to (although I don't have a decent jack so that might be a problem), just wondering if anyone has any tips or advice. I read in the common problems thread that spraying the cables with WD40 can help - is there anything else I can do? If I go into the drums and give them a really good cleaning, or replace the springs? I'm sure ATS would have said if the pads were needing done, but at 25k they should be fine. Any ideas much appreciated!
  6. Hi, I recently bought a 2007 mk2 Focus (auto), with about 53k miles on it - haven't driven many miles on it yet, but noticed a squeak coming from somewhere on the left (passenger) side of the car, noticeable when driving over bumps at 20-30mph. It's through a dealer who have agreed to take it in for a look, but they're not a Ford specialist, so wondered if this community can suggest any likely causes. I've found a few threads on this.. but wondered if anyone could offer a brief list of any most common/known mk2 issues that might cause this? So far all I've checked is whether it's being caused by anything moving inside the cabin - but I can't find anything. Going to take it for a longer drive tomorrow and see whether I notice anything else. Thanks
  7. martinspoon


    Hi, I've just joined, so saying hello. I currently have a 2011 Zetec C-Max 1.6 TDCI, but it's a company car and as I'm about to go through a big career change (leaving the corporate world and training to be a teacher), I've had to go out buy a new car. This week I ended up getting a 2007 Zetec Focus 1.6 (Auto), a bit of a step back I guess, but perfect for what I need this year and I'm pretty happy with it so far!
  8. Hi, newbie here.. I've just "downgraded" from a 2011 C-Max to a 2007 Mk2 Focus (C-Max was a company car that I'm returning as I'm leaving my job). I got very used to the integrated bluetooth connectivity on the C-Max so I'm looking at my options to replicate some of that in my Focus. Primarily to stream music via bluetooth from my phone, but also for making calls. Can anyone tell me if this sounds right? The Focus has the standard CD6000, and does not have the factory fitted aux input (I know I could install that reasonably easily if I wanted to). I just want to be absolutely clear on what adaptors etc I need to get. So assume I buy the MKi 9200. I've read that instead of using a standard SOT ISO convertor lead, there are alternatives that will let me run streamed music from the parrot blue box straight into the aux connector on the CD6000 - meaning I use the car's own amp, and I can access music from my phone via bluetooth using the Aux button on the stereo. They're fully populated and look a bit neater. I'm aware of the Inka MusiConnect cable - has anyone got experience of this? I also found this one - not sure if it's the same thing? So basically, if I buy the parrot kit, and one of those leads (and assuming I have the tools and stereo keys etc to do the job), is that everything I'm going to need? Do I need another lead to connect to the aux port or anything like that? The alternative, cheaper, and simpler solution will be to just install the standard Aux-In in the glovebox, and connect that to my phone (which is already on a brodit mount on the left of the stereo). I could then buy a separate visor bluetooth kit. Less integrated and more cables, but simpler!
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums martinspoon :)