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  1. Members Rides

    Venom: Wanted the 17" alloys but didnt want the leather...
  2. "Delivery date as solid as jelly"

    My estimated delivery date was pretty spot on but that was back in the beginning of April. It took 8 weeks in total from ordering.
  3. Made my choice!

    I voted for Cedar originally but having seen a photo of it in Tango i prefer Tango :P I think it'll look lovely in the sunshine :)
  4. this is a van?!

    what a bummer!
  5. My first 1001 miles...

    Yes it does show the muck but i'm still glad i chose black, looks super sexy :)
  6. Fiesta Mk. 7-The first 6 Months

    I have the same issue with mine. I told them this when i had it in for its courtesy check, they reset the system for me but the problem still exists <_<
  7. It's arrived after 19 odd week

    Nice for a Zetec S maybe, but for the titanium, white and chrome = YUCK!
  8. MK7 Fiesta after a wash, polish and wax

    Never used tyre dressing, its always wet down in Wales so they look good most of the time :P I heard that vegatable oil is good for restoring faded plastic trims so i thought id give it a bash. Rubbed it on and now the trim looks darker and better than it ever has lol :)
  9. It's arrived after 19 odd week

    Black goes best with the chrome i think :P
  10. MK7 Fiesta after a wash, polish and wax

    Nice job Michael P, looks alot shinier :) What products did you use?
  11. MK7 Fiesta after a wash, polish and wax

    Thanks means alot coming from an enthusiast :) I used polish because it had swirl marks all over it which the Ultra Deep Shine Polish managed to sort out. Problem is it has faded the plastic trims so will need to get some trim restorer for it. What do you recommend?
  12. MK7 Fiesta after a wash, polish and wax

    Hehe nice! Aqua Wax is just like any other car wax but can can be applied even when the vehicle is wet. The immediate benefit is that there is no need to dry the car between washing and polishing. It gives it a nice gloss and a brilliant smear-free finish to all exterior surfaces. Yes all cars new or old should ideally be waxed to protect if from the elements.
  13. MK7 Fiesta after a wash, polish and wax

    You know you want to! Oh right two and a half men is a TV show lol :P
  14. MK7 Fiesta after a wash, polish and wax

    Haha no but the street should be renamed to Ford Street lol. You cant see it in the photos but my next door neighbour has a Focus and the house opposite has a Fiesta too :)
  15. MK7 Fiesta after a wash, polish and wax

    Haha no way, 3.5 hours of doing mine was enough for me! :P