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  1. Blanked Egr, Now Eml Is On 18,000 Miles Later

    Ok thanks, I drove 40 miles to work and back today and the light hasn't come back on. The plate is stainless steel with no holes so it's still a mystery as to why the light came on. I'll probably have a closer look this weekend and make sure everything is tight and nothing is leaking.
  2. As topic, about 18k miles ago I blanked the EGR on my 1.8 TDCI and it's run fine with no problems until this week when the EML came on. The fault code is P0490 'EGR Control Circuit High'. From what I've read on the forum an engine light on the 1.8 engine after blanking the EGR is unheard of. I've reset it and taken it for a run around the block and it hasn't come back on but should is it likely to come back? Should I remove the blank?
  3. Focus 1.8 Tdci Fuel Economy

    I'm getting 50 mpg at the moment, which rises to 55 mpg when they switch to summer diesel. I do a mix of town and motorway driving. A common cause of high fuel consumption is a fault with the meat control unit, located between the steering wheel and the driver's seat. Only seems to be a problem when my missus is driving.
  4. Notchy Gearchange

    Since the weather has got a bit colder my gear change is grating slightly on all gears but especially 1st/2nd. It usually goes away when the car has warmed up. I've checked the oil level by taking the plug out and sticking a bent knitting needle in there and it appears ok. I've read that there were a few Mk2/2.5 Focus that left the factory with the wrong grade of gear oil in them but apparently Ford had corrected this by the time my car was built. Should I just go ahead and change the oil for something like Comma MT75 non-synthetic, or could there be a problem with the linkage or clutch dragging?
  5. Mk2.5 Handbraker Lever Cover

    I've got the same handbrake cover and yes you have to cut the old one off. You'll need a very sharp knife and be prepared to swear at it a lot.
  6. 1.8 Tdci Euro 4 Egr Blanking Plate Good Or Bad?

    I blanked my EGR earlier this year, straight away I found the power delivery to be smoother and I also get 1-2 more mpg. 4000 miles later it's still running well and I've not had the EML come on. Best £4 I've spent.
  7. Rattle Noise

    Your timing belt is due for replacement at 100k anyway so If there's any rattle from that area I would seriously consider having it changed now.
  8. Buying A Used Focus (1.8 Tdci Zetec) Advice

    I've had mine for 3 months now. The 1.8 engine is rather ancient tech but is supposed to be very reliable, and there's no DPF to worry about. The only real potential for trouble will be the dual-mass flywheel. Listen carefully for any rattling sound at idle that goes away when you press the clutch, and any knocking noise when you turn the engine off. A colleague of mine has just had his go on his Mondeo and it cost him £900 to put right. Other than that check that it's been serviced regularly and check for stone chips to the front sills by the wheels.
  9. Tdci Problem

    There's just the one filter. It should last a bit more than 5000 miles but you could have had some dirty fuel from somewhere which has clogged it. When you change the filter check the housing for cracks and make sure the fuel lines are secure as air could be getting in. It certainly sounds like you have some sort of fuel delivery problem.
  10. Tdci Problem

    When did you last change the fuel filter? I would start with that unless you've changed it very recently.
  11. Air Conditioning

    There's a pressure switch in the AC circuit that prevents the compressor clutch from engaging if the refrigerant level is very low. First thing to do with AC troubleshooting is to get it regassed, a decent garage will pressure check the system when they do this. If there's no leaks and you still don't hear the click, there's probably an electrical problem preventing the clutch engaging.
  12. Which Diesel Engine

    The 1.8 diesel engine is old, heavy, unrefined, costs more to tax and does about 10 mpg less than the 1.6. I had the 1.6 engine in the Citroen I had before the Focus and it was a joy to drive... when it worked. I had problems with injectors seals (twice), the HP pump ate itself killing two injectors with the swarf it spat out and I started having DPF 'anti-pollution' warnings just before I got rid. All of the savings I made with the excellent fuel economy were wiped out by repairs. So that's why I got the 1.8 despite its drawbacks, by all accounts it's a very reliable engine.
  13. Sony Dab Radio

    So in other words don't bother and get yourself a high-end aftermarket head unit?
  14. One-Touch Windows

    Thanks Neil but I have a 4 door. I've found out that this feature is only on models with 4 electric windows and has the 'global closing' feature, where if you lock the car all the windows close. Unfortunately a simple switch change won't enable it, you will need to change the motors too as they apparently have additional sensors/microswitches in them.
  15. Hesitation, Mil, Smoke.....

    If it's on the original DPF then it's probably reached the end of its life. 90K is pretty good mileage for one but don't be too scared at the cost of replacement, prices have fallen a lot recently and you can get a new one for £190 here. Obviously you will have to pay a bit more for fitting on top of that but it's going to be way cheaper than a dealer.