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  1. Is it really too much for a 59 reg

    I would take no notice of what car prices, you can always ask the dealer to send you a video and get them to focus on specific areas.
  2. Is it th 1.4 ? I believe they are manual boxes with an auto shift. I've not driven one but the dct box the the m4 doesn't have a park position but you put it in n then turn the ignition off and it locks itself in p. Maybe the fiesta is similar ?
  3. Do we know when the revised transmission was installed. I'm looking at the 1.0 and 1.6 and they are 2014 models in my budget.
  4. Fiesta Powershift 1.0 Or 1.6

    I think your is up for £13495 on autotrader.
  5. Fiesta Powershift 1.0 Or 1.6

    That's a shame, did you get 10k for it as a px ? What wasn't perfect about it ? I'm getting nagged by the wife because the clutch is to heavy in my cooper s clubman and the corsa is too slow. I nearly looked at the Yaris but they day we went all the salesman were loitering around the door ready to pounce !
  6. Fiesta Powershift 1.0 Or 1.6

    Nearly picked up a 2014 1.0 titanium with 4000 miles on the clock for £9150 but still undecided on 1.6 or 1.0. Anyone got the 1.6 ?
  7. Bluefin Happend :)

    Yeah I had to upload a map when I glad it on my Leon Cupra
  8. Bluefin Happend :)

    Unless it's changed I always thought bluefin was generic, they just select the right file for your car. They can make a few changes if you request them but it's more about power delivery than taking into account other modifications. Still it was 2002/3 when I had my focus remapped by bluefin and it was one of the very first cars.
  9. Fiesta Powershift 1.0 Or 1.6

    It's for the wife so providing she is happy then that's all that counts. I've driven a few autos and for smoothness I don't think you can beat a torque converter box rather than the dsg style, if you want to try smooth at low speed it's best you avoid the dct box as found in the BMW M series cars
  10. I'm thinking of picking up a fiesta with powershift I know there have been reported issues with the powershift transmission and by all accounts it affects the 1.6 more than the 1.0 and that its oil seals that cause the problems. I have driven a manual 1.0 but not the 1.6, but for those of you that own either or have driven both what one do you prefer and why. There are more 1.6's available and they are quite a bit cheaper but is it worth paying extra ? I'm looking at 2014/5 models.
  11. Fiesta Zs Modifications?

    I thought the ambient lighting was standard on the zs ?
  12. Mk7 St Exhaust

    Isn't the warranty only 12 months though on the ford exhaust ?
  13. Best Colour Fiesta?

    Race Red is the best colour
  14. Fiesta St Mountune Upgrade.

    Do any of those figures include software ? Looking at what's quoted it doesn't read that way. The Fiesta goes to 212bhp but that includes the over boost, so a simple 15bhp in my book ? or am i reading it wrong ?
  15. Have Collins said when the remap might happen, any intention for a sports cat either ?