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  1. Ford Fiesta Lx 04 Pre Facelift Questions

    Thanks alot for all the info and links. I am going to ring up some local scrapyards tomorrow, If i have no luck in finding any in good condition ill most likely buy that bumper set. Thanks again.
  2. Hi, Just a few questions regarding some future upgrades I wish to do with my fiesta. I appreciate all advice / help. Thanks in advance. Firstly, i would like to paint the air vents 'cirlces' around the actual vent, im sure people know what I mean, on the facelift models its easy to remove them i know, but my fiesta is pre facelift, I know people who have done this I just don't know how to go about it. I heard you have to remove the dash? If so how? Secondly, both my front and back bumpers are cracked slightly, they are the black plastic bumpers. I want to change these to the Zetec bumpers. Is this possible? Do they fit? If so how much would people recommend spending on a front and back bumper? Also, if I was to purchase these bumpers, what would be a good price to get them fitted, and possibly sprayed to match the colour of my car (if they were'nt already that colour). Thanks Josh
  3. Matt Black Vinyl Wrap!

    Not sure if anyone has suggested this. But anyway. You could just buy 10-12 tins of plasti dip and spray the car. This might sound bad at the minute, but once dry it peels of easily. There are videos on youtube of official sellers who show how to use the product, Just don't buy the cheap stuff. It will cost you around £150 and if done right it will look decent. Check it out. I'm just suggesting an idea, I have not done this, nor will I do this, I just know people who have and it turned out good. No hate would be nice. - Josh
  4. Engine Noise When Idle (With Sound)

    Most liking the Spark plugs, Coils or Engine Mounts. Check all out using google for instructions. Let me know how you get on :) - Josh
  5. Unfortunately it's something i've wanted to do for along time, I know how to do it, just haven't got round to it. You just need to buy a few interior bulbs suitable for the job and wire them to the same connection that runs the interior courtesy lights. Then make a fitting for the bulbs. Its quite a pain but do able. Shame it's not as easy as fitting them on the MK7's :( Hope this helps. p.s. there may be a easier way to do this, someone might correct me, I just thought i'd reply due to this thread being quite inactive. - Josh
  6. Cheaper Place For Interior Bits?

    Try gumtree for spare parts like this, often people post small items like steering wheels cover, air vent rings etc. Its all about going back each day to check. I've had grills, handbrake covers etc from gumtree and they tend to be quite cheap.
  7. Problem With My 1.25 Fiesta Zetec Climate !

    If you've had new coils and plugs it sounds to me like your engine mounts are worn/done. Try taking it to a garage or popping the bonnet and looking around the engine. Hope this helps
  8. Lowering Mk6 Fiesta

    I've got a few friends who have slammed and slightly lowered cars. Some simply jack the car up remove the springs and cut them with a saw. Very bad choice in my opinion. Done the right way it can cost quite alot. You can buy springs which would lower it, they wouldn't cost too much just make sure you get the correct ones which fit your car. The proper way would be to buy struts aswell and then a kit to adjust the alignment. This would cost quite alot though, professionally done I would say £800. For springs you could do it for around £300 for a safe decent job. Halfords do cheap lowering, they can order the parts in and do it in a day most of the time. Most people go down 40mm and thats easily done with just springs. Hopefully this helps. Im sure someone will come along and correct any mistakes i've said haha.
  9. Ford Fiesta 1.25 Induction Kit?

    Thanks alot for the replies, i've looked into it and i'm going to buy a K&N cold air induction when I have the funds. Thanks alot, ill post results in the future. Anymore tips are welcome , thanks
  10. Ford Fiesta 1.25 Induction Kit?

    Thanks alot for the reply, if i fit the panel filter in, will I notice a difference in the noise at all? And are they easy to fit? If they are easy to fit I would just do it myself, I do have people in my family who would know how to do it, but I'd rather take it upon myself if possible. Cheers
  11. Ford Fiesta 1.25 Induction Kit?

    Is it possible that you could link all the components I would need ? Fiesta MK6 Finesse 2004 1.25l Cheers
  12. Hi, Basically signed up to this to ask a few questions now and in the future. I have a Ford Fiesta 1.25L Style 2004 model. I'm looking to buy a K&N induction kit. I'm wanting the car to sound better than it does despite only being 1.25. Just wondering if the kit will fit onto my car, and what other benefits, if any, it will have. I know the basics about the induction kit i'm just wondering if it will provide me with slightly more power (as this is what some people say) and keep my engine cleaner than normal. cheers
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums joshg17 :)