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  1. 2013 Fiesta - Engine Malfunction???

    Which is still nowhere near what's on paper, but a vast improvement on the Duratec at 6700 miles! That was about 30mpg! :)
  2. 2013 Fiesta - Engine Malfunction???

    I have done a lot of research on the fuel efficiency of this model, as I was quite disappointed at first. And the general consensus is to be prepared for very poor fuel efficiency for the first 10,000 miles. Then truly exceptional efficiency thereafter....
  3. 2013 Fiesta - Engine Malfunction???

    Nashy - I am current only getting 27.7mpg with the 1.0 Ecoboost Powershift, however there's only 1,000 miles on clock. With my 1.6 Duratec Powershift, it took until about 6-8,000 miles to see an improvement. At which point I got about 36-37mpg :)
  4. 2013 Fiesta - Engine Malfunction???

    DEFINTELY DEFINITELY DEFINITELY wait for a 2014 model! The improvements are tremendous! Even things like handling & stability, steering, efficiency, safety... The list is endless. Maybe consider a lease of a new Fiesta? Then if the car is unsuitable, you can hand it back and demand something else. Also, quite often the insurance (& tax, altho new Fiesta is exempt) is all included too, aswell as breakdown, tyres, servicing, repairs, windscreen - the lot. For the same amount that you would pay monthly for one on finance. And you get a brand new car every 3 years. Just a thought :)
  5. 2013 Fiesta - Engine Malfunction???

    Well Ford have since replaced my entire vehicle after this recurring fault, and I now have a 2014 Ecoboost PowerShift Fiesta. However, I must point out that the Fiesta I had that was malfunctioning, was NOT an Ecoboost engine, it was a Duratec.... Not sure if that makes any difference. In any case, they have made significant improvements to the 2014 model other than the engine. All of the electrics and the Sync system as been totally overhauled and it is absolutely fab! Keep on at them and get the vehicle replaced! Good luck!
  6. 2013 Fiesta Powershift Problems

    Sorry was using my phone. The car is back in Ford now and I've been given a brand new Focus Estate Hire Car that was fresh off the transporter that day... (this is a relevant point). I'm now on the second day of driving it, and low and behold - Grinding noise!! Identical to mine but worse! Could not believe my ears!!!!! A friend has told me that the 'Getrag' dual clutch Transmission - Powershift as it's known on the market, is dropping to bits worldwide!!! I have a feeling that, even when my car get's a brand new Powershift gearbox installed, or I get a new Fiesta with Powershift, the exact same thing is going to happen to that!! Totally at a loss now!! Might break all the common advice, and get a Citreon!!!!! Devastated as I love my Fifi the Fiesta!!!! :(
  7. 2013 Fiesta - Engine Malfunction???

    It's a new style Dual Clutch Gearbox that is dropping to bits worldwide! It's called Getrag Dual Clutch (Powershift) if you google it, there's loads of info on it x
  8. 2013 Fiesta - Engine Malfunction???

    I had this with my 2013 Fiesta PowerShift Automatic. That was the beginnings of thing to come. Gearbox has been grinding, making the car judder and struggle to change gear. They've replaced the clutch and she's now back in again for the 4th time after going wrong AGAIN after 2 days. Apparently, this fault is happening up & down the country and in America, where the car has just been released. Ford ARE aware of it, though they are not admitting to customer's that they are aware. So if they fob you off by saying that they've done a 'Software Update' - It's rubbish. The same thing will happen again shortly after. Keep a VERY keen eye on it! Is yours also Automatic Patricia??
  9. 2013 Fiesta Powershift Problems

    Hi thanks, but it's in the Ford garage now being fixed. I totally agree with what you're saying, however it's a Motability car, so is leased. Which makes it a lot more difficult to reject it, as Motability own the car now. x
  10. Hi again, As many of you may know, I waited 4 months for my beloved 2013 Fiesta Powershift Titanium X to be built, and was finally delivered on 19th July 2013. About 2 months after, I started to notice a grinding/rattle noise whenever the car changed gear at low speed. And started to make the car judder when pulling away. (Which I assumed was down to tyres needing to be inflated, but turns out I was very wrong) I know you can always hear SOME noise from an auto and this one is a dual clutch so I figured it was just down to that, so I ignored it. Over the winter however, it has got much much MUCH worse, and I took it into Benfield Ford. Not once, but 3 times. Got fobbed off with "...just needed a software update..." Didn't make a difference, and just when I was at the brink of just ignoring the noise and the juddering and struggling to change gear, I went to Oxford (300 miles from my home in North Yorkshire) and it got so bad that it was making the noise constantly. To cut a long story short, RAC put me in a Premier Inn for the night, RAC bloke comes out in morning and takes it for a spin - it made a horrific scraping noise (to which he said "Well blow me down.....). He followed me half way home and then we met in service station and told me I could attempt to drive it home as he thought it would most likely be safe (but to pull over and call them back if need be) or he could recover me home. I chose to try drive it home, which I did do. Then once I was back I took it into Ford and this time I DEMANDED the HEAD of the service department comes out with me for a drive until it made the noise...... Not a sound for 20 minutes (though plenty of juddering and struggling to change from 1st to 3rd), and at this point I'm practically BEGGING the car to make the noise! But nothing.....until right when we're pulling back into Benfield, when she let's loose "Grrrrrriiinndddd.....and the service manager's face goes pale. He knew there was something VERY seriously wrong with that gearbox.... That was 3 weeks ago... I've been given the most horrific Peugeot 308 hire car (I know beggars can't be choosers, but this thing is the epitome of crap french build quality -or lack of- and it point blank refuses to reverse) and my Fiesta is STILL parked in exactly the same space at Benfield that she has done for 3 weeks. Apparently they are replacing the 'Clutch Assembly?!?!' (Not entirely sure what that is) I rang up earlier to find out if there was any update and got told the EXACT same thing I was told this time last week... "We've got all your parts, we're just waiting for some sealant. Could be a few days, could be a few weeks.." - Now, is it me, or is that pretty disgraceful that: A: My brand new car needs repairs so severe that they need 'sealant?' & B: That I'm being made to wait all this time for some sealant that apparently could even be out of production, rendering this whole ordeal to continue for several weeks, if not months from now. Apparently, this is a very common fault with the PowerShift gearbox on all Ford Automatic Models, but more commonly with Fiesta & Focus. So my question is, do any of you, or have any of you had the same problem with an Automatic (Powershift) gearbox??? How long did it take to be solved?? Many thanks, apologies for the long winded rant! Tracey
  11. 2013 Fiesta - Engine Malfunction???

    And I am not new! And I'm having the same problem with mine! I got mine on 19th July. It's a 1.6 Titanium X Powershift (Auto) (Duratec engine). So far, it's already been in for a fault with the Trip Computer. And the gearbox has been making some horrific noises. Yesterday they got very bad, and the car started 'juddering' whenever I accelerate from a stop. Then I finish work today and the Engine Malfunction light popped up. Took it straight to Benfield and left it with them. Hopefully I'll get a hire car tomorrow! :( Poor Fifi the Fiesta....
  12. 2013 Fiesta - Engine Malfunction???

    And?! They are turning to this Forum, in order to find out if anyone else has the same issue! Nothing wrong with that!!
  13. 2013 1.6 Powershift Mpg??

    Always what my car say's when I start engine after filling tank right up. My MPG is usually 29.8 ish x
  14. 2013 1.6 Powershift Mpg??

    Thanks so much for that. I've done just under 2000 miles and mine is still saying 210 miles to 0. Had it booked in to Ford dealership, but they said it's perfectly fine... :(